Katia’s probably not coming our way

Should, with any luck, be turned east, out over the Atlantic. That’s what most models predict but it’s early days. We’ll know better by the weekend. In the meantime, it’s 112 degrees in Phoenix. For those of us without A/C or electricity these past days, things could have been worse.

I do hope Dr. Jeff Weinberger on Miltiades got his power back. When i saw him yesterday his major domo Nancy had only entrusted him with that little ear-inspection flashlight – he deserves better.


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3 responses to “Katia’s probably not coming our way

  1. The GFS model run eight days out has Katia coming up your creek.

    We report. You decry. http://bit.ly/oVRpOH

  2. Walt

    Earthimage Dude guy –
    You are just full of good news. You are as much fun as a train wreck.
    Dude – have you been around town? It is still a mess out there. All they are doing by me is cutting trees down. No CLP crews in sight. I stopped over your place to take a dump and a shower. Hope that’s ok.
    Buy a loofa you heathen.
    Your Pal,

  3. MC

    Is that an office apt in your backyard?