China backing away from its electric car initiative. No one wants them, just as no one wants the Chevy Volt. (125 sold in July).  Warren Buffet is undoubtedly a genius, but he sunk $200 million into the Chinese venture when if he’d only asked a dumbass like me, he could have saved a ton of money.


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3 responses to “Oops!

  1. Fred2

    At least the chinese can do math, Until batteries gets a lot better & cheaper, EV’s are a niche product.

  2. networthdeclining

    Further proof the Obummer Admin never took an econ class. (They forced GM to prodcue the Volt as a condition of getting bailed out. For GM, it was jus the cost of doing business.) Witth the Admin ever learn that just because you “supply” something at a price, doesn’t mean there will be any “demand” at that price. However, as you lower the price, you will find more buyers willing to purchase the product. This is called “elasticity of demand”. Does this sound like baby talk……