Poor Vermont

Check out this photo of Route 4 in Killington, VT (Associated Press, credit).  While I skied there many times as a teen, I don’t remember the approach route, but there’s bound to be a lot of road work to be performed up there before ski season if there is to be a season.


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18 responses to “Poor Vermont

  1. Pinzgauer

    Or leaf season.
    Go on YouTube and check some of the videos. It’s something all right.

  2. horsejock

    Holed up in northern Vermont, near Stowe, waiting out the power outage in mid country Greenwich. While the rest of the state got walloped we escaped the worst of it up here. What’s wrong with this picture? In the North East woods we have power and services. In prosperous bustling Greenwich, not.

  3. Anonymous

    Heard that the base lodge at Killington was wiped out too.

  4. FlyAngler

    But will Obama send “stimulus” dollars to help them rebuild? Which way did VT vote in 2008 and 2010?

  5. greenmtnpunter

    We’ll get started re-building in Vermont just as soon as the planners and regulators give us their blessings. What a state. Maybe they will announce that immediate waivers will ge granted? I will believe it when I see it.

    • Greenmtn, I read earlier today that Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York did exactly that: waived building permits requirements, etc. I’m not politically in line with him but he did get an actual budget out of the New York legislature, something no other politician has managed to do in decades, and if this latest move to get New York rebuilding again is accurate, then I admire him even more. I’m not wedded to a particular party – I just want our government to work, and this guy, against my expectations, seems to be doing that.

  6. Riverslide

    Yeah, I agree. Vermont liberals will throw their principles out the window if they feel their livelihoods are threatened. (They haven’t hesitated historically to give ski areas various immunities from lawsuits to keep their business models intact.)

  7. greenmtnpunter

    Riverslide: VT liberals livlihoods are dependent on the regulatory hell they have created. Never heard of ski areas receiving immunities from lawsuits but maybe I missed it. I quite agree with CF and must admit that Andrew Cuomo shows signs of common sense with handling of the NY State fiscal crisis and now even more common sense by granting wholesale waivers. Could it happen in Vermont? Shumlin might float the idea but when the environmental wackos who fund the VT Democrat Party start calling, that will be the end of it. Perhaps declaring a state of emergency would get him off the hook? They are so busy trying to finish off VT Yankee that this option seems like a last resort only.

  8. AVOID CHESTER VT - Ticket Trap!

    Chester Police
    sit waiting for you just south of Ludlow. Road goes from 55 to 30 in about 800 feet with little warning except the flashing read cop waiting for you beside a white church. TICKET TRAP-ville. The town lives off this revenue stream. Protest your ticket and 5 or 6 other people show up complain about same few cops regularly but Judge still rules in their favor. A real crime. AVOID VT. They deserve want came to them.

  9. amazed

    I have seen many pics of the destroyed infrastructure in VT and I am amazed at the poor quality of these roads, just apparently a sheet of asphalt laid on some gravel. I am sure the workers who laid them are well compensated though.

    • Amazed, Vermont’s a poor state and its roads have always been a bit dodgy. But the farmers are out there, rebuilding roads on their own. Maybe not to Greenwich quality, but I do admire self-reliance.

  10. greenmtnpunter

    Add Woodstock and Bridgewater to the list of Red Neck VT Towns living off revenues generated by speeding tickets issued to one and all. Welcome to VT!

  11. Anonymous

    guy ranting against chester- obviosuly you go there to ski okemo. you’re a bigger loser just for that.

  12. Guest

    I’m shocked at the venom against Vermont while there is so much suffering and destruction. This is a state that goes through blizzards and other weather-related problems without uttering so much as a peep, and never asks for federal assistance. And now that it needs it, you deride it. I certainly hope you folks did your share of complaining when the New York financial houses were bailed out of the disaster of their own making when it shook the entire nation — and continues to do so.