What am I, chopped liver?

State Senator Scott Frantz gives Greenwich Time reporter a tour of Irene’s devastation in Frantz’s six-seat turbo-prop. Scott did run Bradley Airport, so he knows what he’s doing, but come on, six seats and no room for a blogger? Damn. But no hard feelings – in fact, I’m opening up this blog to voluntary contributions for a new hairdo for my favorite politician (the only one who’s ever offered me use of his boat if I ever again can return to St. Bart’s). Send money or suggestions. I can’t guarantee the money will reach him, but the suggestions will be passed on.

What are we gonna do with this knucklehead hairdo?


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12 responses to “What am I, chopped liver?

  1. Walt

    Dudemeister –
    Yes. As a matter of fact you are. We are all pieces of shit no better than anyone else. Because you live in Greenwich? Big frigging deal. So do I and I am a moron.
    Is little Stevie Cohen better than us because he has billions? I think not. Is Steph better than us because she has a spectacular rack I would die for? Uhhh…she actually may be. OK. So I was wrong. Big boobs trump everything else. Write that down so we don’t forget it.
    Your Pal,

  2. ajnock

    Maybe he was just having a bad hair day….or he was going to a Donald Trump look-a-like party.

  3. MC

    If he wants to represent me at the national level, he better damn well learn to knot his tie correctly.

  4. Just the Facts!

    In this day, owning your own plane and flying it for disaster relief is not going to win him a Senate seat. Don’t get me wrong, Scott is a great guy and I would vote for him. But he is no Roberto Clemente. The Dems will skewer him over this stunt if he runs for Senate.

  5. Anonymous

    …..and hair color by Just For Men.

  6. Anonymous

    My few interactions with Mr. Frantz have left me thinking he is a classy guy.

    • I barely know the man, but he has always treated me cordially and he’s been a huge benefactor to kid – related projects even before he had children. I think he’s got excellent business sense As I’ve said here before, he has my vote for any political office he might choose to pursue.

  7. Anonymous

    Scott Frantz is a first class gentleman. He would be a great Governor or Senator for Connecticut. More folks like him in government and we might consider expanding our business in Connecticut instead of seeking more business friendly states.

  8. Hu Nhu?

    One of the finest men I’ve had the good luck to know.

  9. In desperate need of hair oil or tonic

    Did he get electrocuted? For a rich guy, he sure sucks at picking a barber.

  10. Peg

    Sounds like this guy is a peach. I’d be willing to settle for funny fuzz on top if I’m getting someone peachy in return.