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Someone I know, who may or may not have birthed me in 1964, calls me this morning and says that she is going to Italy at 7PM and has a problem. Problem is, an expired passport. Oh, and this person is on an island in the Atlantic. What to do?

Unbeknownst to me, the Norwalk Passport Office is one of only 10 places in the nation where you can get a passport issued in an hour. This person shows up at 11:30 after a ferry ride and a top speed drive down I-95 (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree there), and with proof of travel, a picture and $170, the passport was ready after lunch.

Take that, anywhere else! Fairfield County sure does have some useful stuff.


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Ya Gotta Live Somewhere

Five sales, two contracts reported so far today on open house day. I refer to these as “shelter” deals, because no matter how bad the economy, no matter whether there is a 20% confidence gap, ya gotta live somewhere, preferably somewhere that can be purchased on an insured mortgage. One, 446 Valley Road in Cos Cob, actually sold in a bidding war – asking $525,000, got $540,000 or $270 a square foot.

423 Stanwich, on the market since Warren Buffett was a little boy, is in contract today. Originally asking $5.7 million back during the Sydney Olympics, will likely be south of the current $2.4MM ask. Nice land, the house……….a bit confusing

Can you build in Greenwich for less than $270 a foot? (Valley Road)


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Washington DC

As opposed to the rest of the nation, Washington DC is having some kind of real estate growth explosion. No real secret there, its stimulus writ small. All the federal spending attracts businesses, people, jobs, etc. Lots of good capitalists have made tons of money in places ranging from Petworth in the deep urban core of the District, to the Dulles toll road corridor. While an effect of government, it’s mostly private enterprise that fuels the growth of DC. No doubt it is a success, but it would seem to me that some believe this to be wrong, solely because it’s in the capitol area. I used to live there for a while, its amazing what success has done there. I think it’s an example of what government and private enterprise can do to stimulate the nation as a whole


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Still no news

But this house, at 2 Broad Road “in the association” at Belle Haven, is owned by someone with the best name I’ve seen in a while. The owner is Yonsuk S. Derby.

I love interesting names. Gotta be great to live life named Majestic Mapp and Scientific Mapp 


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Real Estate News?

It’s not like I’d rather shove liberal propaganda down your throats, I’d rather sell real estate. Today we have about 15 open houses (for Gideon, none on Club Road so he can take it easy on this rainy day). I had an agent last night at an event tell me its not the lack of sales that worry her, its the lack of showings. Is price driving demand, or is there just no demand. Strange days indeed.

Next stop housing options


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Its good to have a hobby

And lets not forget a memorable nickname.

So what did you do down in the Ozarks?


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New i-Phone next week?

Gideon Fountain writes:

Can this possibly be accurate? If so, whoa!


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