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Katia: maybe yes, probably not

Still on course for us, but will probably be steered east, out to sea. Worth keeping an eye on, though. Tropical Storm Lee, approaching New Orleans with 20″ of rain, might actually help break the Texas  drought depending on where it ends up.

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Boy, am I ever irrelevant

(Bumped, because there are some fun comments here. If you don’t follow the comments, you’re missing the best part of this blog. The comments don’t necessarily reflect management’s opinion, but they’re often insightful, funny and accurate).

Some new fashion store opens on the Avenue and their customer base is children of rich folks . Further down the Avenue, Richard’s takes care of those kids’ parents. I haven’t shopped on the Avenue in years and the stores certainly haven’t missed my patronage, but it’s an odd feeling to be shut out of your hometown’s main drag. Life changes and we move on.


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Clever, but he should have at least paid his motel bill

A guy’s a/c unit fails so he checks into local motel and swaps  his busted one for the working one in his room. But he left without paying his room bill. Might have gotten away with it if he hadn’t stiffed them on the tab. On the other hand, he could have gone to Home Depot  and saved himself a whole load of trouble.

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Electric (coal powered) cars – no one wants them and there’s no way to power them

Propeller beanies won’t do it. But, once again, our intentions are good! Shouldn’t that count for something? Actually, no.


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Maybe we should just rent the White house out for the rest of his term

Fresh from Martha’s Vineyard, Obama heads for Camp David. Do you get the impression that this man hates his job?


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Corrupt umpires?

Probably not, but what’s up with an umpire changing his strike box in the ninth inning? Hitters adjust to an umpire’s zone during the course of a game, but when that zone suddenly changes in later innings, it makes you wonder. Maybe the ump was just tired and wanted to go home, but ….


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No problem with me

CIA turns into a killing force against terrorists. Human rights activists object but I’m not going to miss a single one of these guys, who want to kill me, my children and my fellow citizens. Bombs away!

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