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Banished from the kitchen

Nephew and my daughter are trying to cook lobsters and I’ve been told to get out of the kitchen while they attempt to humanely  kill them. I’ve been catching and killing these bugs since I was 10, which gives me 48 years experience, and I’ve done everything from stroking their tails (hypnotizes them) to rinsing them under warm water to taking a sharp knife and severing their spinal cord but, ultimately, you toss ’em in a few inches of steaming water, let them thrash around a bit and when they’re red, they’re dead. The younger generation won’t do this,  so for all I know, Dylan has his French Horn out, Katie her fiddle and they ‘re playing a final song to the poor creatures. They’ll still end up as dinner, but whatever.


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Ha! Revenge on my neighbors!

(Bumped, because I screwed up Annie’s name and her instrument)

Janet and Andy Bein have managed to raise two trumpet players and I’ve listened to them learn, and (gradually) get really good, for many, many years. Now I’m graced – and I mean that sincerely – with a visit by my nephew Dylan Hart  and his girl friend Annie  Bosler, who are both professional French  horn players and they’re practicing downstairs. I’m going to open the windows, so take that, Andy! (And thanks, Janet,  very, very much for delivering flowers to Ma on her birthday)  🙂


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Humor alert

Jeremy Kaye denies any knowledge of the popcorn/ Parkinson’s joke so I guess I have to steer you to either his brother Joel or Tom Ward both of whom, I assume, heard it from him. Or you can just hire me as your realtor, but I can’t quite deliver it in Jeremy’s squeaky pseudo-old lady’s voice. Plausible deniability – Germy should have worked for the Pentagon!

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I’m too stupid to understand any of this, but if I had any, I’d just stuff my cash under the mattress and wait things out

Stocks go up, gold goes down.


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Aw, this is sad news

Judge Martin Nigro is dead at 82. A Greenwich native and probably the best judge I ever appeared before. Fair, tough and honest.


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If this is even close to true, we should pull them all out

Supposedly, Obama wants to pull troops out of Iraq, leaving 3,000 sacrificial soldiers. If that’s his plan, then get them all out, now. Guess he’s desperate to regain his ever-shrinking “base”, but don’t do it at the expense of our soldiers.


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Sorry, but I think this guy is dead wrong

Housing inventory declines! He’s completely ignoring the shadow inventory: houses too far underwater to sell, houses that should be, and eventually will be foreclosed on but which the banks are holding back on, etc.


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That was June, this is September

Obummer decides tax breaks for corporate jets are okay. Some would call him an unprincipled simpleton. Others would just say that he has an open ear for major contributors like Warren Buffett, who owns a jet-leasing company. Me, I assume that he’s the president of the United States and is just choosing the best path for bringing our country back to recovery. Uh huh.


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Of course it’s a cliche but still …

Deck chairs to the stern!

BOA shuffles its management


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I’ve already admitted I’m irrelevant, but the President?

Republicans decide not even to respond to Obummer’s speech tomorrow night.


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But who’d want it?

Yahoo is for sale. Seems to me to be the same as AOL – an obsolete company, worth nothing.


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Malloy makes an interesting, and maybe a great appointment

Stefan Pryor named education commissioner. Yeah, he’s a Yalie Law grad, but he’s a charter school champion and was well liked in New Haven as someone who could work with people from the entire  political spectrum. I’m impressed that Malloy reached beyond the usual “talent pool” and picked someone his teacher union friends may not approve of. It’s early days, but Danno may prove to be a pretty good choice to lead this liberal state – I voted for him, but I did so holding my nose – I just didn’t like the lady wrestler and I personally like Dan – but I didn’t have high hopes. Still don’t, honestly, but this appointment shows promise.

UPDATE: Readers have taken me to the woodshed for this optimistic posting and, sadly, I fear they’re right, especially the warnings that the next step is a state-wide (Fairfield County) tax system to pay yet more for failing schools. But for now, I’m still hopeful because Malloy didn’t pick a professional educator. We’ll see.


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If it’s still open, watch for Wall Street to collapse on Friday

If this report on Obama’s Thursday night’s job speech is accurate, we’re in a world of trouble.  Just more mush from the whimp.


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Harvard to build the Bernard Madoff Hall of Justice

Well, not quite, but it turns out, despite earlier denials, that the business school is working on using the con man’s experiences as part of a course. That seems to me to be entirely appropriate, but I guess Harvard’s embarrassed. I don’t see why – don’t they have an entire school named after a Kennedy?

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