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A free plug for Jeff Freidag

Island Beach ferry service extended an extra week, thanks to our Harbor Master or whatever the hell they call Captain Fried Egg. I’ve known Jeff for geeze, 20 years? 30? A long time, anyway – he’s a graduate of the Maritime Academy, knows more about boats than you or I ever will and heads up our harbor division. We’re lucky to have him, Riverside Yacht Club was unfortunate to lose him, but so it goes.


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Oddly enough, it’s stories like this that cheer me up

San Francisco hosting 9/11 conspiracy film festival. Love it. We’re still a nation of odd balls and kooks, and how great is that?

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Chris Matthews admits that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme? The media wall is breaking down.

My goodness, what will they be saying a year from now?


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Not going there, at least not now

Lots of 9/11 memories all over the web. Personally, I’m planning to leave it all to others, and will just mourn privately. I’m still f’**** angry, though.

UPDATE: Here’s what starts out as a great article by Peggy Noonan – I just can’t read it.


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I don’t have current news

But the DOW seems to be getting clobbered. Down 300 points? You professionals have much more current news, but I gather no one was inspired by our president’s speech last night.


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Someone please explain to me why I’m still working with Fudrucker

25-year-old son of Marriot ,Inc. CEO wins $107 million while Connecticut’s Lottery Commissioner sits 15 feet from me and gets me bupkis. This could really piss me off.

UPDATE: some readers have taken me to task for not ever buying a lottery ticket, so let me make clear that of course I’d buy a ticket. Not one of the useless 107 million ones, naturally, but were Frank to proffer one with a wink wink, nudge nudge, I’d spend the god damned buck – what, you think I want something for nothing?


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More on Greenwich High School parking

I really should watch TV. Reader Sebastian sends along this John Stewart film on the tragic situation.

(I can’t seem to load it – copyright issues?)  anyway, here’s the link.


UPDATE: Okay, confession time: I was chatting with my 1971 GHS friend Mike Horton today and we both had to admit that we NEVER took the bus to school. Tom Mark’s VW bug, Chip Mathewson’s Mercury Comet or my VW bus, but the yellow loser cruiser? Not once.




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You have a responsibility

Woman dies, overcome by fumes in a McDonald’s bathroom. It’s usually cabbage, but watch your diet.


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From a Greenwich perspective, this doesn’t sound like all that crazy a price

Pete Sampras is trying to sell his California house for $20 million. Looks like a really cool place (I might start at $13 million and work up from there).

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Well this doesn’t sound good

Bank of America to cut 40,000 employees? No more taxis for some Greenwich kids.

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Taxi cabs for Greenwich High School Students?

I know I must be missing something here, but …..  Greenwich students, faced with parking ban, turn to taxis rather than use, God forbid, the school bus. Parents who pay for this indulgence are clearly imparting a lesson to their children, but I wonder whether it’s a good one.


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