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Well they aren’t at my house – maybe Cobra’s?

14,000 rounds of M-16 ammo missing. I know what a box of 100 rounds of  .22 ammunition looks like, so I figure I’d notice 14,000 large-caliber cartridges if they showed up at home but with Cobra, who knows? Isn’t the Army supposed to keep track of these things?


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Aw, sometimes it’s just too easy

Greenwich Democrats meet. I started to write about it but really, Greenwich Time’s report does it all for me. Dig the candidate who hates Jews while insisting, of course, that she really doesn’t. Of far more importance,in my opinion, is this ruling from the Miss Universe contest that contenders must wear underpants. Is there no fur fun  left in our world? The Democrats seem to have no such requirement but, frankly, I haven’t looked.


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Walt, where are you?

You don’t call, you don’t write, and you’re all of fifteen minutes from EOS’s house! No one needs to know your identity, just show up (to be honest, I’ve probably erased your emails to keep your privacy but I’m going to search, you bastid, and if you’re still in my Gmail, I’m sending you the address and expect to see you there!)


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Weren’t we talking about this during the blackout?

California: man whacks neighbor in head with flashlight over dispute about generator noise. 

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Meet up! Meet Up!

Regular contributor EOS has offered to host a meet up for readers of hers and my blogs tomorrow, Sunday, just over the border in Banksville, from maybe 12- 3. Pool, tennis, burgers, soda (bring your own beer and, if you care to, brownies or whatever, but not required.) Your own towel would save EOS some labor but she’ll provide them.

Cobra, Walt,Fly,  Mike F. – all readers are welcome – EOS is more protective of her privacy that I am, so please call me (203) 249-4394 or email me at christopher.fountain@gmail.com and I’ll provide her address – she understandably doesn’t want it posted all over the Internet.

But do come – I don’t know how you feel about 9/11 but I’m depressed as hell, and EOS’s idea of a fun afternoon seems like the perfect antidote – life must – has to – go on, and what better way to do that than meet with each other? We can still mourn lost friends, but we can go on. (Darn it Peg, too short notice to get you here, but wouldn’t I like to meet you! Blew my chance when you were in White Plains last year, and wasn’t that my loss).


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What is it about corporate legal departments?

Outback Steak house mistakenly serves alcohol to a four-year-0ld, trots out the legal team to explain things. Most lawyers aren’t morons but the ones that are tend to end up working for corporations.


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I always felt that used car dealers were robbers but here’s proof that they’re probably worth doing business with

Guy sells his car in Port Chester then robbed (buy the buyer, don’t you think?) on his way home to Greenwich.

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Just so I can avoid 9/11 stories, I offer this

Selectman Drew Marzullo persuades Apple to skip security gates.  Good for Drew and Apple.

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