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Aw, F’em

No pictures of people jumping from the WTC, no happy Palestinians dancing in the street, but we do have the NYT’s Paul Krugman saying it’s all our fault.


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It could get boring to be wrong so often, but where’s the fun in that?

Way down the creek from me there’s a house under construction that I made fun of it awhile ago, claiming that it looked like a collection of flying saucers and barn silos, or something like that. The architect’s vision is gradually being completed and it’s looking like a lovely, beautiful home. So I’m an idiot – you knew that already, right?


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Oh Hell, I can’t help myself

NPR is broadcasting live from the World Trade Center and is now moving to the Pentagon.

UPDATE: I missed President Obama, but I’m positive that he did the same thing other politicians did: brief readings: Ex-Prez Bush read a lamentation  from the Psalms, Governor Christie a short, poignant poem,(described on NPR as “a common funeral poem”,which seems nasty to me – I must not attend enough funerals, because I’ve never heard it)  all interspersed with the recital of names and memorials to the dead by children and spouses. Incredibly moving and by no means do I mean to disrespect President Obama – I just didn’t hear his comments.  I did just hear President Clinton’s tribute to the Pennsylvania Flight 93 from yesterday and that was striking. I was delighted to hear that he and the Speaker of the House are going to combine forces to raise the money to finish the memorial for the heroes on this flight.

So, are you coming to EOS’s place in Banksville? It’s almost a responsibility to our lost ones.

UPDATE II: Totally screwed that up – GW Bush read a letter from Abraham Lincoln to a mother who lost all five of her boys in the Civil War (turns out that maybe she didn’t, so I’m not the only one who gets things wrong) while it was President Obama who read from the Old Testament. Regardless, my liberal friend JRH has it exactly right: every politician did well, with no grandstanding. Truly moving, and I respect them all.

I’m pretty sure it was Obama (or his speech writer) who said, “on some days, we’re just all Americans”.  I don’t care who said it – it’s true.


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Is GPS tracking a violation of our rights?

The NYT writes today on an upcoming Supreme Court case on this issue. The lower federal courts have split on the issue but my two favorite conservative judges, Kozinski from the Ninth Circuit and Posner from Chicago (as well as Douglas Ginsburg from D.C.,  who readers have corrected me – I’d thought he was a liberal – not so) have all expressed serious reservations on the subject). I am NOT saying that liberal judges don’t care about civil liberties, but I am pointing out that conservatives, too, care about this stuff. It should be an interesting case which will be heard this fall, although the decision probably won’t come until this spring.


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Okay, it’s officially 9/11 so here’s my one post on the subject

I try very hard to believe in a benevolent, forgiving God, and I have many personal reasons for that faith, particularly the parable of the Prodigal Son, but I will never understand, in this lifetime, 9/11.

UPDATE: Yesterday, I wrote that I couldn’t finish Peggy Noonan’s article. Several readers suggested I should and I just managed to do it. Thanks, guys.


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