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Ice Cream: Second Best To Candy

Alright, second best I know, but I understand the very powerful need to avoid making fun of Ayn Rand. I give you one dull post then I’ll let loose so the blog will be as abjectly wrecked as Fountain’s office desk (don’t ask). So that you may have some idea of where I come from, I’m born in Greenwich, GHS Class of 1982, Chinese Studies major at George Washington University, former resident of New Zealand, Australia, Israel and Ireland, MA from Columbia in Real Estate (i.e.dirt).10 years in NYC real estate with the irrevocable scars to prove it, 4 years here in Greenwich selling property and creating real estate projects. I’m the Chairman of the Connecticut Lottery Corporation and of the Greenwich Democratic Party, Treasurer of The Mary Fund, a hospice charity founded in 1979, Board Member of CTE, a liberal conspiracy in Stamford. I’m on the board of the Mad Dogs Cricket Club where I act as sometime wicketkeeper, have twins (Christian and Alexandra) who swim and play water polo at Rocky Point and a wife, Cathy, who clearly has issues to have been with me since 1994. When I’m not doing the above, I meet with my secret cabal to fix real estate prices for the benefit of welfare queens and actively subvert the original intent of the constitution. You can find me at ffarricker@ebtrealty.com or at (203) 554-6140.


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