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Veterans Housing

I’ve worked with a number of groups to try to build housing for Veterans in Connecticut. Quite complicated, as there are multiple situations that Veterans, depending upon their personal circumstances, face. They’ve done a lot, but they ask little. But its hard to build a house they can buy for $200k. Going to the VA in West Haven can be complicated. So, would you accept a subdivision far larger than those around you in your neighborhood if it was reserved for Veterans?





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Your Liberal Wisdom for the Day

No Lamestream media here, ya betcha’.






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Name, Rank and Serial Number

Not wanting to weird out the assembled readers, I’m trying to get WordPress not to put up Chris’ name all the time. Naturally I can’t figure it out. So I am waiting for my 10 year old son to come home. Patience.


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Short Sales

You are trying to sell a house. Seller acts like a jerk – he holds out for $5k, $10k when the place has been on the market for 3 years. You wonder why. Then you stroll down to Town Hall and find out that Mr. Jerk – and its always the dude – is so under water he’s hanging out with Jacques Cousteau. Liens from credit card companies, hasn’t paid in 18 months. But damn, you’re not getting my house for any less than its worth, he says. Finally he gives in and signs a contract. Then, you go to a short sale.

Then, you spend 6 months on the phone speaking with people who were hired because their boss rooted around the McDonald’s dumpster fishing for rejected applications. You think government bureaucracy is bad? Try Chase, Bank of America, Litton Loan. They make DMV look like the Swiss



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I may be arrested for posting this

Remember that cute “bill guy” from the Schoolhouse Rock cartoons? “I’m just a bill, yes I’m only a bill……”He made perhaps his first appearance in years yesterday on behalf of “patent reform”. As I understand it Amazon has a patent on “one-click shopping”, meaning you need to make a useless “second click” before buying something online as to not pay a royalty. This is, of course, stupid. And the bill doesn’t do anything about “patent trolls”, people who either buy up vague patents or launch them themselves, then wait in the weeds until some start-up is primed to be sued out of business.

Wish the government had done something about this competiteveness-killing practice, but instead we get this. Never be wary of what Congress does, always be wary of what they don’t do.




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