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Greenwich Police Raid “Illegal” Republican Clambake

Happy Repubs enjoying annual clambake at Tod's Point.

Local Democrat leader Frank Farricker, riding an electric moped, firing a starter’s pistol, and waving a light blue United Nations flag, staged a bold, early afternoon raid at a gathering of Cos Cob Republicans holding their 81st annual clambake at Greenwich Point, Sunday.  Police appeared to be following  Mr.Farricker’s lead, although it was later learned they had come only to warn Republican officials that cars parked in the road would be ticketed.

Not to be dissuaded by the lack of police interest, Farricker reportedly rode his moped directly into the crowd, briefly scattering some clambakers, until he was wrestled to the ground by a group of 6-year old Republicans, angered by the disruption of their game of tug-o-war.

Mr. Farricker, unhurt in the struggle, then proceeded to announce a “citizen’s arrest” of State Representative Freddie Camillo, on the charge of improper recycling (Camillo was apparently observed placing a plastic cup into a container clearly marked “cans only”).

When last seen, Farricker, screaming “Fascists! Greedy Billionaires! Comes the revolution, you’re the first to go!” was being lead away by police.  His whereabouts this evening are unknown. He is considered armed (sort of) and extremely silly.


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Wish I had this problem

I’m supposed to be one of those small business job-creators that the Republicans talk about. If they like, I’d be happy to switch places with a millionaire and I promise  to pay the new tax, and I would be able to create about 10 new jobs. Seems fair





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