Alas, Gideon, while my misguided and dangerous liberal beliefs may have steamed the vegetables of the true-Conservative set reflected in your brother’s mad rantings, your – dare I say rose colored view – of real estate surely has starched the shorts of the bearish among this readership as well. I too tell clients to view their property as “shelter”, not worrying so much about turning a profit for many years. But if you overpay $1 million, then sell five years later, you just paid $547.94 a night plus utilities and maintenance. That’s a pricey night out, even with this friend. You are correct that Club Road and associated Riverside are selling well, but I would suppose the old fashioned notion of scarcity (waterfront land) has contributed somewhat to making the place a little more fashionable. Just like her


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  1. greenwich dude

    what’s funny is that everyone here in the comments section is an expert on real estate prices and speculation, and they sit in their bull/bear camps just as they sit in their partisan camps. but are they all logging in from their yachts, bobbing up and down off of the seychelles enjoying pol roger cuvee winston churchill? nope – they are just the physical manifestations of the bid/ask spread.

    your best bet on price trends: forget the listing comps, look at the sales comps, and from here, have reasonable confidence that the long term trend (1-2 years +) is up

    what will happen in the next quarter? nobody knows – period

  2. Riverside

    I would like to congratulate FF on his first decent post – the photo, not the content.

  3. Hu Nhu?

    Nice Pussy.

  4. meow

    wow look at that pussy!!!

  5. Anonymous

    greenwich dude, the long term trend is downward. That is for sure! The real Sh#t has not even hit the fan yet.

  6. IDAHO

    Good you found CF’s picture collection now find Walt……