Kind Gideon

I have nothing against Gideon. I can’t help that his view of real estate is wrong, or that his politics are so far around the bend I expect him to come all the way around the curve and be to the left of Saul Alinsky by next month. I don’t expect fisticuffs, he’s too much of a gentleman for that. But I am getting prepared.


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5 responses to “Kind Gideon

  1. anon

    Are you ready to rrrrrrruuuuuummmmmble???

    Sell tickets. Accept Paypal. Call Linda McMahon to referee.

  2. lucyw

    Hello, is this not a real estate blog? Am I living on another planet or were there a load of realtor only open houses today? Did either of you guys actually bother going to any or are you really secret agents masquerading as real estate agents?

  3. Anonymous

    Please calm down, FF. Fear not! I don’t think you really need to be THAT prepared, not because Gideon’s too much of a gentleman as it is that he’s too much of a wimp.

  4. Sound Beacher

    You two guest hosts better not start cat fighting. Here is an update about the big cats in CT. CF was all up to date on this story, back in the summer, so now you’ve got to keep current, too.

  5. khiori

    Realtor open houses……..mmmmmmmm, food!