My Idea of Judicial Activism

This guy really knows how to use the power of the judiciary. Can’t find out his political party and, without any reference to diapers or wide stances, he’s probably a Dem.


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4 responses to “My Idea of Judicial Activism

  1. dollarbill

    And in another more high-profile case of contemptible judicial activism of the conservative stripe, get a load of this creep, Dennis G, Jacobs, who sits on the 2nd circuit. Glenn Greenwald correctly tears him to shreds. Any self-respecting libertarian should agree with Glenn’s critique of this sociopath…

  2. M


    In Georgia, magistrates must have a high school diploma or the equivalent, be 25 years old and have been a resident of their county for at least 12 months. Among their duties:

    * Issue warrants

    * Preside over some types of hearings

    * Hear small-claims cases in disputes of $15,000 or less

    * Handle landlord-tenant disputes

    * Preside over some misdemeanor and city ordinance trails

    Source: Catoosa County Attorney’s Office

  3. M

    I love the ACLU argument.

    Its akin to Rummy’s argument for pre-emptive war.