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Tax Credits

I’ve always been surprised by the support of tax credits on the right. I think that the idea of giving away free tax deductions feels better than giving away the same money after you collected it. There surely would be no cash money for a 40% film tax credit to film  this show in Old Greenwich, or turn Thataway on Greenwich Avenue into a gay bar for the day, but who notices if its tax credits. And believe it or not, you can give them away – write on your napkin “I give you $500 in Connecticut bottom line tax deductions” and you can pay your dinner check.

I’ve been involved in writing applications for Low Income Housing Tax Credits in a few states, nobody whines about the tax credits, just the people who use them. But this one, even the haters have to give the Governor credit. Who can complain?


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I have been given direction

Spoke to Chris briefly today, he gave me the following advice on what to post on the blog.



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