I have been given direction

Spoke to Chris briefly today, he gave me the following advice on what to post on the blog.



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16 responses to “I have been given direction

  1. Peter

    Trying for some rule 5 love from the other McCain?

  2. Anonymous

    awesome – on my way to Oktoberfest in Munchen

  3. CatoRenasci

    Much better….

  4. Anonymous

    best post of year.

  5. Walt

    Now listen to me, you two frigging losers. Firstly, you are both posting as “Guest Host”. So I don’t even know who is writing this drivel. And then I don’t know who to insult. I could make an effort and figure it out. But why should I have to?
    Frankie posts all this moronic liberal crap, that doesn’t deserve a response, and Gridiron always talks this prose filled dirt crap, which I could care less about.
    Plus Frankie has not yet censored me, but as someone else complained about, he has held posting my comments until the thread is dead. Which is the same thing as censorship. He just does it the liberal way. Dishonestly. With a total lack of character. I have a problem with that.
    I can’t respect that. It was a post about the real unemployment rate. Not a vulgarity in it. I asked how the “Hope and Change” was working out. A fair question to start a valid discussion. And he sat on it. FOREVER!! Because he didn’t like it, didn’t want to post it, didn’t have the balls to debate it, and knew it was true. So he waited FOREVER to put it out there. When he thought no one would read it. So screw that.
    I lost all respect at that point. Fuck this. Chris allowed dissenting points of view. As should the Libtards. They apparently don’t. I find that offensive, repulsive, cowardly, and par for the course.
    And you guys post once per day. Maybe. Which makes it kind of hard to have a discussion. Which is what a blog is all about.
    Other than that, I have no complaints. Resume with your circle jerk.
    Is the month over yet? It feels like a year.
    Your Pal,

  6. w b h

    But where’s the Beefcake?

  7. Krazy Kat

    Dude – how about Paul McCartney’s new wife? You would have to read in the article that she was 51 to know. Good genes at a minimum.


  8. Deb

    What about something for the ladies?

  9. IDAHO

    OT A strange twist in the Grizzly bear story. The hunter that was killed died of a gun shot wound!!!


  10. Peg

    Walt – liberals need to do the sneaky stuff (posting late or not at all) because their arguments don’t hold up.

    Who knows? If we believed stupid stuff like they do, perhaps we’d have to resort to the same shameful behavior, too.

    (Anyone think this will be posted? Anyone – anyone?)

  11. Greenwich Old Timer

    Well said, Peg. And Walt – please don’t abandon us. We need you!

  12. Cobra

    I thought he was born in Jakarta, not Kenya. The rest of the Obozo description is spot on, although “leader?” Not so sure about that.

    • He mother was living in Hawaii. Just before he (Barack) was born, in pre-jet travel, she hurried onto a plane to go to Kenya so her spawn could be birthed on sacred Kenyan soil (which was British at the time, so at least he was an ally). Then, after this glorious birth, she took her brand new baby back onto the plane and flew to Hawaii so she could make sure that Barack Hussein Obama would have a straight shot to the Democratic nomination, from a state that had been in the Union for about a year. Brilliant and cunning plan