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Yo Gideon

The liberals are taking over, pretty soon Walt will be going with me, Nancy Pelosi, Rev. Wright and all the top Solyndra execs to an organic retreat in San Francisco. Anyone have a sighting? FYI, each of the 5 Scooby Doo characters represent one of the schools of Western Mass. Shaggy is Hampshire, Velma is Smith, Daphne is Mt. Holyoke, Fred is Amherst and Shaggy is UMass. I think Walt got kicked out of Amherst and graduated UMass


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Capitalization Rates

There are a number of objective ways to value a rental or commercial building. One, the “capitalization rate” is determined by taking the net operating income (income after paying everything), and dividing it by a rate of return, say 7%. So, if you net $40k, the place should sell for about $575K. I ran this by a broker today and they looked at me like I was just making it up. I tried rent multiples. Bridgeport usually trades at 4 times gross rent, Greenwich as high as 12x gross. So, gross was $51,000, we were up to $610,000. Broker looked at me like I was just making this s*@! up. Finally I said we couldn’t pay the $995,000 they were asking for, and the broker said “we are not going to consider any lowball offers”. I ask how they got to their sale price, the answer was “he paid less for this in 2008”. Uh, duh. Its going to be a long 2012


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Throw Them All Out

C’mon, can’t these people get a grip. Someone should ask them whether they deserve their pay, much less their jobs. Obama’s right, you can’t wait 14 months

Compromise is an american art, so why can’t 535 people, earning $95,765,000 plus benefits figure this nonsense out, and expect us to reelect any of them in 14 months? That goes for both sides. Tom Suozzi ran against Elliot Spitzer in the 2006 Democratic primary in New York on a platform of 1) Spitzer’s bad news and 2) throw out all the incumbents in both parties. He got crushed 80% – 20%.


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Hello Ladies……

By popular demand. I was going to post the Men of ACORN, but I figured you would be far too awed to comment


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