Throw Them All Out

C’mon, can’t these people get a grip. Someone should ask them whether they deserve their pay, much less their jobs. Obama’s right, you can’t wait 14 months

Compromise is an american art, so why can’t 535 people, earning $95,765,000 plus benefits figure this nonsense out, and expect us to reelect any of them in 14 months? That goes for both sides. Tom Suozzi ran against Elliot Spitzer in the 2006 Democratic primary in New York on a platform of 1) Spitzer’s bad news and 2) throw out all the incumbents in both parties. He got crushed 80% – 20%.


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6 responses to “Throw Them All Out

  1. Anonymous

    “Other citizens decided to decouple from the system altogether in a process of unspoken secession, building their own local economies, using their own currencies, and organizing into mutual defense groups. … Though they had no specific leadership or top down organization, the media always labeled them domestic terrorists …..”

    Fuck the fedgov. They progressively are losing more and more of the consent of the governed.

  2. George Crossman

    When voters mention “throw out the incumbents” they usually mean everyone else’s. They want to keep their own incumbent so they can get more out of the govt than they put in such as bridges and aid.

    • Lets set up a trading system. I’ll trade you Jerry Nadler, BArbara Boxer and a legislator to be named in exchange for Lindsay Graham, Peter King, Steve King and one random Texan

  3. Daniel

    Why does compromise always seem to end with more government and not less?

  4. Daniel

    Does this not sound vaguely familiar?,1518,787847,00.html
    I know it does out here on the left coast.
    What can’t be sustained, won’t.

  5. Ron Paul Revolution

    Whaddaya mean both sides?

    Where ya been boy? Its a 3 sided dance now. TP is doing exactly what they were elected to do! The days of the blank check are over. You Dem and Repug bums better learn how to live within your means and stop using disasters to fund your own pork or you will be shut down.