Yo Gideon

The liberals are taking over, pretty soon Walt will be going with me, Nancy Pelosi, Rev. Wright and all the top Solyndra execs to an organic retreat in San Francisco. Anyone have a sighting? FYI, each of the 5 Scooby Doo characters represent one of the schools of Western Mass. Shaggy is Hampshire, Velma is Smith, Daphne is Mt. Holyoke, Fred is Amherst and Shaggy is UMass. I think Walt got kicked out of Amherst and graduated UMass


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  1. Ron Paul Revolution

    Libs are every where. At last nights repuglican debate, a couple of em were pushing the vat tax.

  2. Geez, I’ve read this post five times and I haven’t a clue what it means. Is a conservative translation available?

  3. Fountain bleu

    DICKY mentioned Shaggy twice. Duh!

    Take a cue frank. If you cant dazzle them with brilliance….baffle them with…oh forget it, you wont know how to do that either.

    FYI: The Five Colleges comprises four liberal arts colleges and one university in the Connecticut River Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts, belonging to a consortium called Five Colleges, Incorporated, which was established in 1965. They are geographically close to one another and are linked by buses which run among the campuses
    The consortium is composed of Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, Smith College, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
    A popular urban legend among Five College students holds that the characters on the Saturday morning cartoon Scooby-Doo represent the five colleges. The legend has Daphne representing Mount Holyoke College and Velma as Smith College, with Fred representing Amherst College, Shaggy as Hampshire College, and Scooby as UMass Amherst. Hanna-Barbera Productions, CBS executive Fred Silverman, and some of the show’s writers have said that this story is false, and that the show was actually based on the radio program I Love a Mystery and the TV sitcom The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. However, these claims have never been proven and the Five College community still celebrates this fact with pride.

  4. greenwich dude

    i can try to translate the post to “conservative” in the modern america post-2000 sense of the word. see below:

    “you have no sense of humor and/or limited awareness of higher education”

  5. Inagua

    EOS – Apparently Frank finds Saturday morning cartoon characters amusing. Just as I find a politician who talks about the Intercontinental Railroad, or the Austrian language, or the president of Canada, or our 57 states, or a Navy corpseman amusing. Humor is not universal.

  6. CatoRenasci

    EOSR: No, it’s the usual liberal incomprehensible babble degenerating into an ad hominem attack on Walt. Color me less than amused.

  7. Yo, Greenwich Duuuuuuude – take a chill pill. No, wait, take ten.

  8. Anonymous

    FF, you libs are so predictably shallow! Since you can never win the day on the substance of an argument, you alway resort to name-calling and ridicule of the repubs as stupid. This is BS. The mainstream press would have you would think that liberal dogma is somehow more intelligent that conservative. If FF is actually considered to be one of the more articulate members of this political group we are sure getting a wake up here about who is or is not intelligent.!

    • I don’t accept that I called any Republicans “stupid”. We all have our dogma, why shouldn’t we share it. Maybe you think all my words are sheer drivel, but maybe sometimes a nugget gets through. I confess to having come around on some things you guys find important

  9. greenwich dude

    “the usual liberal incomprehensible babble degenerating into an ad hominem attack on Walt”

    was everything in comments this completely batshit insane when CF was running the show or are a bunch of people out on pass?

  10. Angelina

    Getting back to real estate, what do you think of the new listing at 42 Bote Rd? Why would a spec builder overbuild to such an extent? It seems like pure stupidity.

    • Couldn’t tell you why, but my guess is that this was a project conceived of in better times without a filter to admit that those times aren’t apparent right now. So the builder is going all hopey and changey on the market

  11. Inagua

    And the president of the United States thinks that Abraham Lincoln founded the Republican Party. Have you ever considered the possibility that Obama might actually know as little about American history as Palin and/or Bachmann?

  12. Peg

    EOS – I think it means that we should go on holiday until Christopher is done with his 😦

  13. Inagua

    Guest Host – Guess which president said that “the true engine of economic growth will always be companies like Solyndra.”

  14. Cobra

    Didn’t Al Gore claim he invented Republicans?

  15. nick

    Re: Solyndra- The venture capitalists and the wealthy Oklahama Dem. had backed the company first, then they saw things weren’t going as planned and presto off to Washington they went. The folks in Washington have NO IDEA of what makes for a profit, just look at the U.S. debt and off balance sheet liabilities.

  16. Greenwich Gal