Non-lethal protection

The Kimber Pepper Blaster, also available in discreet gray.

Gideon Fountain writes:

With the likes of multimillionaire, overweight agitprop movie producer Michael Moore calling for violence against “the rich”, it’s certainly a good time to think about personal protection, because, more than likely, it won’t be rich guys like Michael Moore who get threatened by members of the lunatic fringe, it will be regular schmoes like you and me.

After much research and personal experience, I can whole-heartedly endorse the  Kimber Pepper Blaster* as the best solution to the problem of what to carry for protection against everything from muggers to grizzly bears, and, lately, mountain lions.  More than likely, you’re never going to use this thing, but you should have something on your person at all times.  At the very least, make sure your daughter carries one.  They are cheap (around $39.95 or less), lightweight, they won’t go off accidentally in your pocket or purse, plus they have a shelf-life of at least 6 years.

Best of all, unlike a pistol, if you’ve made a mistake, and it was just your brother sneaking into the house, not a burglar? He’ll be really pissed off about getting sprayed but he won’t be dead!

*Chris continues his (confounded, nonsensical) “no advertising” policy so of course this is a free plug for the Kimber Company of Yonkers, New York. There are other, similar products out there that may be just as good, so do a little research.


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3 responses to “Non-lethal protection

  1. greenwich dude

    greenwich has been getting rough lately, just ask the jewelry stores on the ave.

    i have been told that “non-lethal” is a remington 870 with the first one salt, the second one bird, the third one buck, and then heavy rifled and / or buck the rest of the way. no good?

  2. MC

    If self restraint disinegrates as far as Moore and winky Bloomberg says it will, not only will the rich and their families become targets, Any demo that is perceived to have the power will become target one. If push come to shove, the last place I would want to live is in Greenwich.

  3. Anonymous

    come on, you know many in this town are quietly and suitably armed. nothing of consequence would happen other than maybe commercial districts getting a window or two broken. when s&^! hit the fan during rodney king riots out west, high dollar neighborhoods in malibu, brentwood and bel air had armed posse’s blocking off main roads in/out, and in westwood/outskirts of brentwood the korean merchants were on roofs with rifles. same would happen here in greenwich. you think a private security team will allow anything threatening in the area in which they’re paid to protect families?