Its good to have a hobby

And lets not forget a memorable nickname.

So what did you do down in the Ozarks?


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7 responses to “Its good to have a hobby

  1. Anonymous


    A quick google image search for “Johnny Bryan”+”Sarah Ferguson” explains why my first thought upon seeing your pic was “Fergie”.

  2. Cobra

    dollarbill = Mike Wyatt?

  3. Walt

    Which one of you losers posted this? CC or Gridiron?
    Can the Guest Host, AKA “Worlds Two Worst Bloggers” explain to me what exactly this guy did that was against the law? I meet Hotties this way all the time!! Many a toe has been sucked at The Ginger Man. They love it I tell ya!!
    Your Pal,

  4. CatRocker

    I fondly remember the furore that the photo caused in the British press. He was fired as her financial advisor soon after and the Sun (the worst of the Murdoch tabloid press) ran with the all time classic headline:

    “From toe job to no job”.

  5. dollarbill

    That would be Dick Morris, Fox News analyst who has the foot fetish, Cobra-face.

  6. Hopelessly Devoted

    Any news on the open houses today?

    • Light open house schedule this morning, only a couple of wine raffles and light on the lunch spreads. that being said, my favorite “come hither” is 3 Fairfield in Old Greenwich advertising “first time on the market in 100 years” and “handyman’s special”. Well, if you haven’t done anything with it for 100 years……..However, at $695,000 in Old Greenwich, I don’t expect its tenure on the market to be long