New i-Phone next week?

Gideon Fountain writes:

Can this possibly be accurate? If so, whoa!


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16 responses to “New i-Phone next week?

  1. Droid

    The iPhone 5 will be obsolete the second it hits stores, but most people who buy it are too dumb to know the difference.

    Here’s why. The iPhone 5 won’t have 4G which is what all the newer Android phones are running. I recently bought a 4G phone and can attest that it is two to three times faster than my WiFi at home, and about 10 times faster than a 3G connection. This is important if you want to surf the net or download files on your phone. For example, when I was sitting in the parking lot at one of my kids sporting events last weekend, I was able to read the NYPost, WSJ, NYT, ESPN, and watch videos at speeds faster than my cable modem in my house.

    Furthermore, the Android phones tend to have larger screens, which I like because it’s easier on the eyes, and there’s more room to type on the touch keyboard.

    So my advice is forget the iPhone and get a Droid…

    • Gideon Fountain responds…
      Droid: I wish you would bother to read the link I included about all the cool things this new i-Phone will do. But more importantly, this “4G” you refer to does not actually exist. I’ll include a link here (will you read it?) but in any case, at least Google the phrase “Does 4G exist”; you will learn that it’s nothing more than marketing hype from the various Wireless Carriers. Link 1 .

  2. Cos Cobber

    Does it come with pepperspray?

  3. Peeps

    I’m waiting for it to come with a retractable protruding appendage, so that it’s more fun when you set it to vibrate.

  4. The IPhone 6 will confer perfect wisdom on its owners and automatically connect them to the global hive mind of iPhone users. Rumored upgrades include an app that will make anyone holding the phone Hollywood handsome or beautiful. A teleportation app is also under development.

    So I think I’ll wait and just keep using my generic Samsung for now. But everyone else, please upgrade. My Apple stock is the only thing saving my IRA from total destruction.

  5. Droid

    4G, LTE, whatever you want to call it, I’ve got a Droid Bionic on Verizon, and it’s very very fast. Much faster than what the new iPhone will be capable of since it will still be running 3G.

    I’ve run the Speedtest app on my phone and get download speeds of 15-23Mbps on the “4G LTE” network. The WiFi in my house and office usually come in at 3-10Mbps. When i don’t have a 4G or WiFi signal and have to rely on 3G, the Speedtest app comes in around 1-2Mbps.

    So a new iPhone running off of either 3G or WiFi will be a lot slower than a “4G LTE” Droid. That is my real world experience, and that is why I am making this recommendation. Believe me, if the iPhone 5 was going to offfer 4G LTE, I would seriously consider it. I like to upgrade my phones every two years, and I always chose whatever has the best technology at the time. I have no brand loyalty – I went from a Palm Treo to a Blackberry to a Droid Bionic. In two year, who knows what I’ll be buying???

  6. w b h

    William Raveis RE earlier this year introduced a new, comprehensive email/contact management/marketing web-based system. Setting up smart phones was an important part of the project. iPhones, BlackBerries were the easiest to set up; Droids were a nightmare. Just sayin’.

  7. According to the WSJ, October 4 is the baby Due Date:

    “Apple Inc. on Tuesday invited reporters to an iPhone-related event Oct. 4, setting the stage for the widely anticipated launch of its latest iPhone 5 smartphone…….Apple sent reporters an email with the message, “Let’s talk iPhone,” inviting them to an event at its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters…….”

  8. DebtVulture

    It doesn’t matter if you call LTE 3.5G or 4G, it is still much faster than 1st generation 3G or even second generation 3G technology and if the iphone doesn’t have LTE, it will be much slower than the LTE Droids.

  9. MC

    hopefully one can switch their current verizon number to this phone?

  10. Anonymous

    when does Chris return?

    has he got his elk? strings of rainbow and dolly varden trout?

  11. pulled up in OG

    Beats getting out of the car and actually watching the kid’s sporting event, eh?

  12. O/T but a Greenwich realtor whose tweets I follow mentioned a house reduction today in Greenwich from $18m down to $12.8m after nearly a year on the market. Care to opine??? Belle Haven? Conyers?

  13. Anonymous

    Droid, sounds like you are missing out on a lot of life. Turn your phone off and tune into the world around you. Life is short. Don’t miss it!

  14. anon

    The bottom line is if we are in a parking lot where there’s no WiFi at a kiddie sporting event in Greenwich, and I’ve got my Droid running 4GLTE and you’ve got your iPhone5 running 3G, you will be loading your web pages 10 times slower than me! And that’s no exaggeration…

    • Years ago, Planning and Zoning was beseiged by Glenville residents upset with a proposed cell tower on Glenville Street. Children would have their brains scrambled, don’t you know. 6 months later, 200 yards across the street in Rye Brook NY, THEY put up a cell tower at the High School and there was rapture in Glenville because they finally had service and I suppose because the brain melting waves are rebuffed at the state line. And this was way before smart phones.