Daily Archives: September 28, 2011

Still no news

But this house, at 2 Broad Road “in the association” at Belle Haven, is owned by someone with the best name I’ve seen in a while. The owner is Yonsuk S. Derby.

I love interesting names. Gotta be great to live life named Majestic Mapp and Scientific Mapp 


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Real Estate News?

It’s not like I’d rather shove liberal propaganda down your throats, I’d rather sell real estate. Today we have about 15 open houses (for Gideon, none on Club Road so he can take it easy on this rainy day). I had an agent last night at an event tell me its not the lack of sales that worry her, its the lack of showings. Is price driving demand, or is there just no demand. Strange days indeed.

Next stop housing options


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