Still no news

But this house, at 2 Broad Road “in the association” at Belle Haven, is owned by someone with the best name I’ve seen in a while. The owner is Yonsuk S. Derby.

I love interesting names. Gotta be great to live life named Majestic Mapp and Scientific Mapp 


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20 responses to “Still no news

  1. Inagua

    Yonsuk is a Korean girl’s name.

  2. Anonymous

    2 Broad Road is not in the Association

  3. Anonymous

    2 Broad Road is not in the Association and, as Csasey used to say “you can look it up”

  4. OG Reader

    @Inagua, Korean’s do not have distinct names for girls and boys. I deal with Asian’s a lot a work and I’ve just give up trying to guess whether to address people as Mr. or Ms.

  5. Fred2

    I’ve got one ( wholly unique name, and not stupid like Orangejello or some other wierd thing) like anything, it has it’s ups and downs, on the plus side people remember it. The down side is you spend you whole life spelling it out, and STILL have people mangle it. (6 letters, one syllable, it’s not that hard.)

    The funny thing I’ve noticed is that when they don’t mangle my first name, they are so relieved they usually mangle my last name. Which, while not “smith”, is NOT hard to spell.

  6. Cos Cobber

    I believe OG Reader is correct, I know a korean man named Yonsuk.

  7. Inagua

    OG – You must be right, as CC knows a man named Yonsuk. I assumed it was a girl’s name only, as I know a Korean woman named Yonsuk. Live and learn.

  8. dogwalker

    One of my favorites is Constant Bliss, a Revolutionary War veteran who settled in Vermont. Jasper Hill Farms aptly named one of their cheeses after him.

  9. dogwalker

    Out of curiosity . . . how is Yonsuk pronounced?

  10. Anonymous

    What’s the price difference between this house “in the vicinity” and what it would be worth if it were “in the association”.

    • Anon 11:14 – There is a rather demonstrable difference. Inside the association has the ability to join the Club, has private security, everyone (except me, obviously) seems to know where the lines are

  11. Anonymous

    yon sucky sucky a long time!

  12. How about these names

    I worked at Kidder Peabody’s bond trading (now part of UBS) in the 1990’s with the following people….no joke!!!

    Ronnie Dick
    Jon Kumm
    Greg Heher (pronounced like hair)
    and Bob Ball

    If we went to dinner, the Maitre D’ would say:

    “Mr. Dick, Mr. Kumm, Mr. Heher, and Mr. Ball your table is ready”

  13. Anita Bath

    “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…. “

  14. horse jock

    Former CBS exec: Dick Cox.

  15. Peeps

    I knew someone whose last name was Balzewet. Also, the last name “Bloes” isn’t so uncommon, but I think it shuld be done away with for females.
    Now here’s a joke: A lady introduced herself as Carmen, and the gentleman she was speaking with told her that her parents gave her a lovely name. She replied, “My parents didn’t name me carmen, I named my self as an adult, and I picked Carmen because it combines two things I love….cars and men.

    Oh,Oh, I have to go….will someone finish the joke for me if they know it? I’ll check back later tonight.

  16. Peeps

    Peeps (continued) Soe the man then says, What a coincidence! I named myself too, and I named myself after two things I love!
    Carmen then asked, “And what is your name”