Washington DC

As opposed to the rest of the nation, Washington DC is having some kind of real estate growth explosion. No real secret there, its stimulus writ small. All the federal spending attracts businesses, people, jobs, etc. Lots of good capitalists have made tons of money in places ranging from Petworth in the deep urban core of the District, to the Dulles toll road corridor. While an effect of government, it’s mostly private enterprise that fuels the growth of DC. No doubt it is a success, but it would seem to me that some believe this to be wrong, solely because it’s in the capitol area. I used to live there for a while, its amazing what success has done there. I think it’s an example of what government and private enterprise can do to stimulate the nation as a whole


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18 responses to “Washington DC

  1. Fred2

    Sure, a lot of private enterprise busy recycling fed dollars.

    Here’s a prediction, when the Fed budget gets chopped by 30% to balance it, and entire depts go away, the place will feel like a dusty western ghost town, minus the dust, plus a lot more crime.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Frankie, DC is paved with gold extracted from the 50 states and credit from the world. Does this perfect union of government and private enterprise happen without tax dollars from Maine and credit from China? Answer: No!

    Let me frame it in terms you better understand. Lets pretend that George Bush was still in the white house. How would you feel about a robust DC economy with Bush in office? Surely, because you are as partisan as they come, would see DC as a corrupt palace where big oil, defense contractors and armies of pro business law firms rule the day feasting on the $2 dollar income tax paid by a welfare mom in Bridgeport. You would be outraged.

  3. Cos Cobber

    So rather than attempt to refute my claim that DC’s success cant be duplicated nationally because its fueled by credit and taxes drawn from elsewhere, you’d rather just point out that it started in the 1990s. Wonderful.

    Put a republican in the white house and the success of Washington will disgust you.

  4. Yes Fred. Isn’t it wonderful how well the Pharoh can live from bleeding the people of blood and treasure?

  5. Anonymous

    Waste, theft, graft, and corruption are profitable if done behind the shield of the fedgov’s monopoly on “legal” violence.

  6. CatoRenasci

    The only thing that causes the boom in DC (an abysmal climate and place to live) is an increase in the number of government employees rooting in the public trough and an increase in the necessity of businesses to hire lobbyists to (1) grab a bigger share of the public trough and/or (2) protect them from the rapaciousness of an ever increasing government.

  7. Burning Madolf

    “While an effect of government, it’s mostly private enterprise that fuels the growth of DC.”
    What a load of crap. Billions being blown on the DHS, NSA and all the other ghosts keeping us “safe” is what drives the explosion.

    • Madolf: What I mean is that the real estate is privately held, its tenants are government agencies. The salaries support an explosion in condominiums and houses selling better than just about anywhere. The money doesn’t just trickle down in DC, it washes over. And billions of that do indeed come from the new “security” apparatus

  8. Anonymous


    Nancy Pelosi helping create some of that DC area prosperity.

    Visionary Government Venture Capital or Democratic Party Friends and Family program?

  9. John

    “I think it’s an example of what government and private enterprise can do to stimulate the nation as a whole” ???

    Uhh, a good parasite knows not to kill its host. The ones in Washington DC are by definition, not good parasites.

  10. Anonymous

    Did Frankie just cast “trickle down” in a positive light?

  11. Anonymous

    Frank; In just 4 short years you have ingratiated yourself admirably the Greenwich and State of Connecticut democratic machine. You should pack your bags for Washington. At your rate, in a little over 18 months you could become an ambassador. Ta-ta! Oh and take (dollar?) Bill K with you.

  12. Burning Madolf

    Privately held real estate leased to the ever-growing federal government and those that want to influence it like the “law firms, government affairs units of the Fortune 50 to 100 companies to international organizations that wish to be close to the Capitol.” Great recipe for success: trickle down government economics with the only thing reaching the majority of people being the bill.

  13. dollarbill

    If you believe Anonymous that military industrial complex trickle down is “positive,” as opposed to wasteful, then you are by definition a Keynesian. You don’t have a leg to stand on when you complain about govt spending run amok because Pentagon contracts are crony capitalism par excellence; it’s just another form of wasteful govt spending, albeit by the Pentagon, which makes it AOK. (no waste there!). The defense dept becomes a giant perfectly justifiable “jobs program.” But for you Tea Partiers, that is a perfectly appropriate form of wasteful government spending because its the kind of bloated, wasteful govt spending you like.

  14. Hu Nhu?

    ” I think it’s an example of what government and private enterprise can do to stimulate the nation as a whole.”

    Thank-you very much for making me laugh so hard.
    Now please, do the right thing and give poor Duller Bill his medication. It’s way overdue.

  15. anony

    I do declare! Along with repealing glass steagal the same guy privatized many aspects of the us military budget. Hence laying the groundwork for that pentagon crony capitalism mention above. I wonder if he had a crystal ball or maybe it was just all planned in advance.