Someone I know, who may or may not have birthed me in 1964, calls me this morning and says that she is going to Italy at 7PM and has a problem. Problem is, an expired passport. Oh, and this person is on an island in the Atlantic. What to do?

Unbeknownst to me, the Norwalk Passport Office is one of only 10 places in the nation where you can get a passport issued in an hour. This person shows up at 11:30 after a ferry ride and a top speed drive down I-95 (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree there), and with proof of travel, a picture and $170, the passport was ready after lunch.

Take that, anywhere else! Fairfield County sure does have some useful stuff.


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13 responses to “Passport

  1. Cos Cobber

    Where is CF? I vote to shut this site down until he returns.

  2. Stanwich

    I didn’t realize that large, grey haired main gave birth to you. Some family trees are strange indeed.

  3. Greenwich Old Timer

    That is truly miraculous. Hope she has a great trip!

  4. Anonymous

    They used to have an office in Stamford years ago. I got a new passport in the mail, and there was an inaccuracy in the name. I went over to Stamford with my documents and, after a short wait, was handed a brand-new, corrected passport right on the spot. VERY convenient.

  5. Sound Beacher

    The GREAT state of Connecticut!! That is why we love to live here.

  6. Ignore Cos Cobber, FF. You are lots of fun to have around. I love stories like this.

  7. not so anonymouse

    I am so impressed….and wonderfully told.

  8. Anonymous

    Would it have killed you to use one of her paintings instead of that stupid pic?

  9. good one, finally!

    I’m not your mom (as you know) but I do like her paintings. I hope she enjoys her trip.

  10. Just_looking

    Yes, and at what price to our tax paying population?