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Those at home are Giants fans, back to the days of the Polo Grounds, Yankee Stadium, Yale Bowl, two Jersey haunts, etc. The boy is fully and totally indoctrinated – he felt the kind of joy beating the Eagles this weekend that only glows from the true believer. So, this morning, he wants to go kick field goals at 8am, with a few buttonhooks and square outs to make the experience better.

Greenwich High School field was used by lacrosse players – because everything else is closed due to death-inducing chemicals, and the only other goalposts in the whole town are at Brunswick School, a private facility. So we go to Rye Brook High School, conveniently located hard on the state line in Glenville. No problems there, an outstanding facility with two football fields, baseball diamond, soft artificial turf, retractable lights for night games, every bell and whistle there could be. A whole, whole lot better setup than anything our mega-rich Connecticut town has to offer by a long shot.

Greenwich wins a lot of state football championships, mostly because we – and New Britain – have the largest student bodies. Bigger pool of players in which to choose from when you are the only high school in a town of 60,000. Many comfort themselves because we had Steve Young go to the hall of fame, or that Sullivan kid starts for the Vikings. But when the choices are so few, and the facilities so pedestrian, its not good that you have to go out of town to kick a ball around with your son.


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