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Fox “News”

Someone has to get into it more like this guy (Mac link – cut and paste). Fox, the alleged “news” network, that covered Tea Party rallies with obsessive and often photoshopped zeal, now avoids publicizing any of the news from the dirty liberal hippies on Wall Street. Of course good right wingers fighting to keep their food stamps, Medicare and farm subsidies from the grips of government are patriots, but these disorganized freaks in Manhattan are not even a news story. Move on, nothing to see here.

So they send a crew down there looking to find some loudmouth to say something foolishly inarticulate so they can broadcast it 75 times a day and say “look at that stupid liberal – they are all just like him”. But..when someone like Jesse LaGreca is articulate, to the point, cutting and really says it better than I could, suddenly there is no time to get it on the air. This recording of a Fox “News” reporter was made by the protesters themselves. They should just drop the pretense and just back themselves up as a propaganda arm.




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Glug Glug

45 Close Road, in backcountry, listed for sale as both “land” and “residential”. $6.25 million is the ask, but the enclosed is the only photo on the listing. So, I am assuming that this is a 4 bedroom houseboat?


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