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Gideon Fountain writes:

This 1893 Victorian beauty*, on Riverside’s Club Road,  just came on the market yesterday for $8,500,000 (Listed by Debby Prouty).  The two most recent sales on Club were for $5,300,000 and $4,300,000.  The highest Club Road price so far was $8,675,000, back in Sept. 2008.

So…is this place well-priced?  I’ll check it out tomorrow, but the market, ultimately, will decide, won’t it?

*The part of town called “Belle Haven” has bags of these things, all beautifully restored, Riverside, only a few.

Club Road classic, back on the market after about 20 years...


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Anybody buying this stuff?

Left-wing kook-burger Frankie, and sensible right-winger Giddie, teamed up to sell this for $7.76M

Gideon Fountain writes:

In the past few days I have heard of three different propeties going to “sealed bid”, so that seems to me to be a good sign of market life.  The normal way we brokers get a feel for what’s happening now is to go online and check the (constantly-updated) daily “hot-sheet” from the MLS.  Reports of sales are useful becauase you finally get to see what the actual selling price is, but what’s truly useful are the reports of contracts  and “accepted offers”. That information tells brokers what’s happening right now.

With that in mind, here’s what’s been reported in the last 24 hours:

Sales:  2

Executed contracts:  3

Accepted offers:  6

(Note: I provide a link only for sales, because they’re now public record)

The two sales, one for $16,000,000, the other for $980,000, certainly give you an idea of the broad price-spectrum we have in this town, as do the nine contracts and accepted offers, which run like this:









These are all single-family properties located in various parts of Greenwich and, they are all asking prices, so we wait to see what the sellers actually got.

For  24 hours, I think that’s a fair amount of activity, so yes, someone’s buying stuff out there.


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Report From The Trenches

I think the right has their noses out of joint because people who are just pissed off, with no coherent message at all, seem to be galvanizing support – even from people who would normally not be in agreement. As a matter of fact, this statement seems to make the most sense to me:

Our protests and other activities cannot be limited by our outrage at the US Federal government’s recent passage of the Stimulus Bill”. Yup, if you go back in time, all the way to 2009, you will find that the beloved and adored Tea Party didn’t know anything other than they were angry about something that didn’t make specific sense to its adherents. Eventually, they discovered the Republic really needs to repeal direct election of Senators.

Frank this coming Weekend

So, I’ve got my Birkenstocks on, rolling a fat joint, have my pachouli oil at the ready and will affirmitavely not bathe for the next five days, proudly in line with those who know, instinctively, that something is wrong in a country that seems to be in the control of people singularly obsessed with maintaining oligarchical wealth. Someone may inform them shortly that the protest “should not be limited to our outrage over ridiculous imbalances of wealth and privilege”. You might find then that the synergies of angry left and angry right might have a lot more in common than the powers-that-be would believe.


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