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Thank You

A review of the site statistics indicates that in Chris’ absence, the cursed liberal and the cheerleader have actually increased page views to this humble blog. Go figure.

In any event, thank you. Furthermore, the highest day ever for traffic on this site was December 10, 2010 when 43,000 distinct hits were made. On that, we are nowhere close.


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Baseball Playoffs

I hate the wild card system. Be it baseball or football, the wild card is that team that had to play its head off to just get there, and rolls into the postseason already in playoff mode. The Phillies were the best team in baseball this year, but their success meant they didn’t have a meaningful game since June and it showed when a hyperactive Cardinals team beat them in 5.

I also think it should be mandatory that a team that has been in existence since 1910 is required to be in every World Series. So I’ll take the Cards in there with the expansion Washington Senators (Texas) – not the original Senators (Twins), but not with the Brewers. But the Brewers can send over the sausage races.

Me, I’m all in for Detroit this year. Can I get a miracle?

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Every 13 1/2 years, like clockwork…

The new car....

Gideon Fountain writes:

Every 13 1/2 years, I buy a new car.  After much research into various brands, I picked the one shown here (sitting in the lot, awaiting “dealer prep”, which better not mean “rust-proofing and fabric-protector”).  I was particularly influenced by the Wall Street Journal’s great automotive writer, Dan Neil. You should read his review of the Jaguar XJL .


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