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Mark Your Calendars! (maybe)

Gideon Fountain writes:

A happy assemblage of Chris Fountain readers, greeting their hero's return! (That's Fudrucker in the little red jumper on the left)

Rumor has it that Christopher Fountain will return to For What It’s Worth sometime on the afternoon of Friday, October 21st.

If we are to believe any of various reader-guesses, by that date Chris will have

1.  Completed his prison sentence.

2.  Recovered from heart surgery.

3.  Recovered from plastic surgery.

4.  All of the above.

5.  None of the above, he just got tired of doing nothing.

As an added bonus, if he plays his cards right, he may be picked up and whisked back to Greenwich, CT in a brand-spanking-new Jaguar XJL!  Maybe there’ll even be a photo of the happy journey, who knows?

Stay, as they say, “tuned”.


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