Foreign People

At the New York condo building today, with the new Israeli buyer. I flexed my incisive knowledge of Hebrew by saying “ken” over and over, and somehow I have committed my daughter to his son. Go figure.

In any event, the buyer had an interesting observation of real estate, considering he has business interests in LA, Canada, France and a few more places. His thought – the rich, or at least liquid, are more and more moving in together throughout the world. So, he posits, the wealthy will come to Greenwich, or the 16th arrondissement of Paris, or the Upper East or West Side of Manhattan, etc. etc., and will pay for that privilege. But to get them to buy in Stamford, or some other part of Paris or New York where there are no rich people, forget about it.

So, Gideon, hope for you yet. I, meanwhile, will close a short sale in Greenwich, a ranch in Monroe, and a fancy New York condo whose bathroom is more expensive than the other two combined to prove that point.


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6 responses to “Foreign People

  1. Anonymous

    Your comment that the rich will flock together reminds me of Fiddler’s Green. The horror movie fans will get the reference.

  2. Anonymous

    Hmm, theres no rich people in Stamford?

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    Business interest in LA & France? Hmmm…. Would that be Arnon Milchan?

  4. Anonymous

    I’m sure there’s some realtor™ humor in there but your comment still falls flat.

  5. fred

    you said ken. he said putz.

  6. Digler

    the rich will all be eaten very soon.