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Owie, owie!

Gideon Fountain writes:

A drunken brawl at one of my favorite Port Chester, New York,

Don't try this at home.

watering holes* resulted in this slash across the ring finger and the 5 stitches you see here.  I took my finger to  Greenwich Convenient Medical Care (sometimes called “Doc-In-A-Box” by wags),  at 1200 East Putnam Avenue, across from Baang Restaurant, in Riverside, just before the Route 95 entrance/exit.

The doctor that fixed me up was great, he’s been doing this stuff for 25 years, so the stitches and the tetanus-shot took about 15 minutes, tops.  They had other doctors working as  assistants only, because they’re from other countries, and are in the process of completing their residencies at hospitals in the area.  

So, having experienced their work, I can now recommend this place completely.  The only slight fly in the ointment was the difference in the price I was quoted and the actual bill I was presented.  I pay my own medical expenses so I’m a teensy-bit sensitive to cost, don’t you know.  And no, Fudrucker, old chum, I do not  look forward to government-run health care!

*Actually, it was the lid of a dog-food can.


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