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Frank Farricker said:  Last night, Gideon posted about his opinion of the Greenwich Reform Synagogue/Stanwich School issue. The article further discussed a personal friend who is also running for office this year as a Democrat.

Chris and I began working together in May, 2009, and a large part of why I was eager to work with him was this blog. First, its fun. Second, it brings in some business and third, I have- and still have – enormous respect for Chris’ courage in speaking out on what he believes, whether it is real estate related, or in his politics. I always tell people that its easy to talk politics with Chris, as it is likely that we have diametrically opposed opinions on a given issue, we know it, no point in arguing. Simple and stress free.

We’ve always had just two guidelines. Guideline one is that he doesn’t hurt the business, and this usually means he doesn’t write about our clients. Guideline two is that he doesn’t write about my friends. No, I don’t stretch that to every registered Democrat and left-leaning independent, but personal friends. We don’t even talk about it, he generally just has placed that in his frontal lobe and all is well.

The article that Gideon wrote last night affected a friend. I don’t agree with the substance of the article, but that’s nothing new, he has a complete right to have that position. I tried to disable the article until I spoke to Gideon, but instead I deleted it. I apologize to him for that, because he really didn’t know the accomodation I have with his brother. So I welcome him to repost if he likes.


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  1. I’m confused. Why would you welcome Gideon to repost if you felt it crossed the line of your arrangement with Chris?

    • Because Gideon did not know, and it was unfair of me to assume he did. I hope that he will take my considerations into account, but the integrity of this little corner of the blogosphere is more important

  2. Inagua

    Frank – Thanks for the candor. Tricky situation. Doesn’t bode well for the Fountain Brothers Blog I was hoping for. The interplay between the bearish Chris and the bullish Gideon, both of who write so well and give this reader at least the illusion of friendship and commardship, would have been delightful.

    BTW, while you never got the chance to tell me what specific Obama polices you liked best, did you see that form economic advisor Goolsbee admitted that cash for clunkers and the homebuyer tax credit were busts?

    • I saw the cash for clunkers line – I always thought that was a little like handing out government cheese. As for the tax credits, same thing. I remember a lot of pointless deals rushing to the deadline that never should have happened. But the auto bailout saved a zillion jobs and an industry that makes a lot more than bad cars – military production, anyone? So I’ll take the good with the bad

  3. xyzzy

    As the Chairman of the lottery I would think that EVERYONE would want to be your friend🙂

  4. dogwalker

    Shucks. Do wish I had seen the post before it disappeared. I would welcome seeing different perspectives on that matter. On the surface, I am left with rather negative feelings about the situation because it “seems” to conflict with my old fashioned ideas about how New Englanders do “business”. But certainly there is more to it. But how would I know without hearing different perspectives.

    So, guiding my vote, I am just left with the memory of witnessing a fist fit on the platform at Greenwich train station. First fist fit I had seen since high school.

  5. Horse jock

    This is without a doubt one of the dullest local elections in history. Without some last minute bomb throwing and controversy the incumbents are going to glide right in without discussion. With no media left in town, it’s up to you guys to shake things up a bit, not run and hide under the covers. Chris would have published Gideon’s comment and bashed him if he disagreed, not deleted him. Food fight!!

  6. ListenUP

    Although you and Christopher may have an arrangement, you are not a regular blogger on his site, so he accommodates you because he has a professional/personal relationship with you. You are currently a guest co-host/blogger on this site. Whatever arrangement you have with Chris is moot when you share blogging status with Gideon. As co-blogger, you have a right to respond and criticize Gideon’s blogs, but I don’t think you have the right to edit him. Doing so seems intellectually dishonest.

    Blogging, by its personal nature, does not seem to lend itself well to a shared writing activity.

  7. Against censorship

    Disappointed that Gideon’s post was pulled. The GRS/Stanwich School deal falling apart is big news in Greenwich and I’m shocked you’d choose to ignore it rather than make a friend look bad. This blog offends almost everyone at some point which is why it is refreshing. Why should your pal Grad be spared? He’s running for a public position. Just like every other politician, that opens him up for scrutiny of his actions.

  8. Inagua

    “… the auto bailout saved a zillion jobs…”

    The alternative was not to lose those jobs. The alternative was to permit GM and Chrysler to reorganize under Chapter 11, just like Texaco and many of the airlines have done. While it is impossible to prove a counterfsctual, the fsct that more people work in foreign owned car plants in America than American owned plants suggests that auto employment might have increased if GM and Chrysler reorganized and began to operate more like the foreign owned companies do. Foreign owned car plant employment has gone from zero to hundreds of thousands, while GM and Chrysler employment has plummetted. Which is the better employment model, Frank?

  9. Cobra

    Frank…I certainly would not challenge the terms of engagement agreed to between you and Chris, but wouldn’t an acceptable option be to leave Gideon’s posting up and you offer a rebuttal? I read last evening’s Grad posting and I would be interested to hear your counter point to Gideon’s opinion.

  10. Anonymous

    So man up and re-post thoughts.

  11. Libertarian Advocate

    I was away for a bit so I haven’t seen any of your commentary on the ethics of the administration’s herculean efforts – against all sage advice – to push through the D.O.E.’s Solyndra loan given the plain conflict of interest that its largest private individual investor was an Obama donor and bundler.

    As a Democrat, did you experience any queasiness with that one?

  12. Anonymous

    Chris Fountain for Town Clerk!!!

  13. Riverslide

    I could see not wanting the Fountains to write falsely or insultingly about your friends, but to ban writing about them at all when they are candidates for public office seems bizarre. I would think you’d want to encourage discussion about your office-seeking friends, to keep them on the public radar.

  14. Anonymous

    Absolute rubbish.

  15. Stan II

    Come on, Gideon. Repost it. It’s a very worthwhile topic just from the real estate aspect. In my opinion, you weren’t even too hard on your co-hosts friend.

  16. George Crossman

    What a typical leftie. Free speech is only ok for the liberals but do anything you can to sensor the opposition. Isn’t “your friend” running for public office? It’s a lame excuse at best that you are leaning on today.

  17. Walt

    Francis –
    Or should I call you Nancy? Because you need to grow a pair of you know what. I didn’t read Gridirons post, but I am shocked you chose to censor it, you little weasel.
    “Guideline two is that he doesn’t write about my friends.” Why not? Maybe he would have something nice to say? And if he has a problem with them, he should say so. Being your friend means they are always right? Do you actually believe that, you arrogant little slob? Maybe your “friends” may actually read something written about them, and agree with it? Is it remotely possible they are actually open minded? Did you ever think of that, you vapid little fool? NO!!! You think it is just better to censor those who don’t see it your way. You pathetic little dingleberry.
    So you selling any overpriced dirt while the Dude is gone?
    Your Pal,

  18. Hu Nhu?

    Ah the Lottery. A very regressive stealth tax on the dumbest among us.

  19. Anonymous

    I hope he reposts it – I think it was a fair description of what happened and it wasn’t unduly critical of anyone – it just raised some legitimate questions as to how and why GRS thinks they would be able to build condominiums on that lot. Whether you are friends with some individuals involved have nothing to do with this.

  20. Anonymous

    @Inagua – Like you, I was hoping that the Fountain boys would continue as a collaborative effort once Chris returns. I enjoy both points of view, their humor, and their writing.

  21. Anonymous

    Anyone willing to repost the article in the comments if you read FWIW via RSS feed?

  22. Anonymous

    Now back to RE news and government meddling. Did anyone read the latest “news” from HUD? You can now buy a home for $100 down with 100%+ financing (in case it needs “repairs” dontchaknow) in select states and the Caribbean as long as it is a HUD foreclosure and you pay HUD’s current asking price.
    The link is to a news aggregator for the debt servicing industry but there are a few other news stories today or you can go to HUD’s website to verify.

    Anyone wanna buy a home in Florida or the Caribbean? 😀

  23. Nathan Hale

    At last, there are two intelligent lines of public discussion in Town:

    1) To what extend can Town employees and especially Dept Heads participate in political contributions and/or fund-raising activity, which are in the public’s database and right-to-know? See GR. Time letter 10/27/2011 from RTC member Randall Smith blasting FF.

    2) From P&Z Tues. Night: To what extent is the Town benefited by the success of its merchants and retailers extending their service to out-of-town patrons? See Lexus/Mercedes/Betteridge/Saks etc.

    To this mix, we add a third possible discussion and exchange of views: FF vs GF. That one is still a non-starter.

    Agreed: Clients, family and friends of EBT Realty are off-limits.

    GF crossed that line in an un-fair way.

    I’d get more involved, but I’m busy with #OccupyChicahominy

  24. Rob

    Seems like the zoning issue and potential conflict of interest is newsworthy, no matter who is involved.

  25. Anonymous

    lighten up, francis.

  26. Walt

    Anonymous @1:14 PM –
    Gridiron – I know that is you. Why not toss in how studley and rich you both are? Great conversationalists, sense of adventure, and the two most wonderful men in the world? You are making me have dry reflux gag.
    But do me a favor, if your brother is coming back from his trip, wearing 5″ stilleto heels and going by the name of “Christine” give me a heads up. OK?
    Your Pal,

  27. Anonymous

    EBT clients and your freinds are off limits??

    Thanks for pointing out that this blog now has zero credibility.

    Let the matron who runs GAR take Chris to task.

  28. Anonymous

    yes i suppose it is, but

  29. Horse jock

    Which guest host was that? I am confused. You guys…