The Frankie & Giddie Show

Gideon Fountain writes:

Well, Chris Fountain will be back soon (I swear) so none of this will matter, but I still regret getting his business parter mad at me.  And dammit, the whole thing still mystifies me!  I fully expected Frank to say something like, “Gid, it’s a bargaining ploy, you knuckle-head!”, in regard to the Greenwich Reform Synagogue/Stanwich School hullabaloo. Instead, he defends the idea of building condos high up on Stanwich Road!

The Planning & Zoning Board’s approval of a school is certainly different from approving what would quickly become many, many proposals to build condominiums, once zoning restrictions were abandoned, right?

In defense of Bill Grad, I’ve since been told by a few sources that he is not the instigator here, but my entire “research” on this subject consisted of reading the one and only article that Greenwich Time deigned to publish and Grad, identified as President of GRS, and the head of the committee handling this, naturally becomes the point man (hey, and the guy’s a real estate agent, how bad could he be??)

And one other mystery:  Why does Frank give a rodent’s-rear-end what Gideon Fountain, full-time real estate agent, part-time, substitute, co-blogger says about anything?  I’m flattered, of course, but honestly, aside from real estate (and Jaguars), I doubt I’m having much influence on popular opinion.

Meanwhile, Frank Farricker actually does have power and influence!  He can pick up the phone and be front-page news the next day! Unless I’m calling about a real estate ad, the Greenwich Time would send me into voice-mail faster than you can say “Jack Robinson”.

Gideon Fountain catching up on the Daily is, Greenwich Time!


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26 responses to “The Frankie & Giddie Show

  1. Anonymous

    Ha! The pic made me laugh, err guffaw, but you get my point.

    It’s a good trait to have a thick skin and be able to laugh at yourself. 😀

  2. nathan hale


    Are you giving Bob Horton the finger over MPC too? So says the picture.

    • Gideon Fountain responds:
      “nathan hale”: The hale you say! Well, I knew someone was going to make that observation. My finger position, Mr. hale, is merely a reflection of the delicate manner in which I hold the esteemed “Greenwich Time”…

  3. That’s true. The Greenwich Time is a shill for Greenwich Democrats.

  4. Anonymous

    Dude. Its no bargaining ploy. From reading President Grad’s letter to
    GRS members you’d think, he thinks, its in the bag. With friends like Fudrucker, maybe it is.

  5. Miles Long

    Fuddy didn’t ‘come back’ to get rich. He came back to get even. He’d love to see Adams Garden- North at 257 Stanwich Road.

  6. So is giving the finger a planned photo gesture or the way you always hold a newspaper?

    Thanks again for holding down the fort. Appreciated.

  7. Housewife of Greenwich

    Self-deprecating AND handsome! A winning combination. Yummy!

    • Gideon Fountain responds….
      “Housewife of Greenwich”: Aw, heck, look at me, I’m blushing! As for my “self-deprecation”, I’m reminded of the great Winston Churchill’s quip about his political rival, Labour leader Clement Attlee. Churchill said Attlee was “a modest man who had much to be modest about”.

  8. DeFacts

    au contraire – that is EXACTLY what you’re doing – right back at you, nobody holds a newspaper securely like that!!

  9. Anonymous

    Greenwich has had enough of people like Grad and Fuddy!! Let’s get rid of them and send them back to Westchester where they belong!!!!! Condos on Stanwich is rediculous!!!!! If that happens this town is finished!!

  10. Afan

    Not so subtle , Showman. One of your best on this blog. Esteemed indeed.

    • Gideon Fountain responds…
      “Afan”: Why, thank you for saying so! But I still say, subtle-schmutle, I imagined I was being fairly direct, although, yes, I don’t actually hold any esteem for The Greenwich Time; they long ago gave up even the slightest pretense of being unbiased. It is the Democrat Party’s local “house organ”, much as the New York Times is the Party’s national news outlet. Ah, “journalism”!

  11. Daniel

    Where is Walt?

    • Gideon Fountain responds….
      “Daniel”: The character calling himself “Walt” seems to be reserving his remarks for Mr. Farricker’s posts. Look there and you’ll find some rather caustic stuff directed at Fudrucker.

  12. Walt

    Gridiron –
    I am not a “character” you bag of douche. Who appointed you the Pope of name calling? You sell dirt for a living. That means you are no better than anyone else. And you drive a Jag. That makes you gay. NTTAWWT. Or just someone with bad taste.
    Anyhows, where is the Dude man? You and Francis have jumped the shark day one. Can we please get the king of caustic back here? It is snowing in October for Pete’s Sake. The world is not right without the Weasel Boy posting some rant in his totally unreadable way.
    Want to make snow angels? What are you going to be for Halloween? Pretend to be a blogger!! I know its a stretch!!
    Your Pal,

    • Gideon Fountain responds…
      “Walt”: See, folks? He was out there all along, just waiting for…an invitation! Chris is six days away, you miserable wretch, but I shall post some sort of “countdown” starting Monday. As a service to readers, I’ll now de-code your silly acronym NTTAWWT: Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That.

  13. Walt

    Gridiron –
    Were you born with your head up your ass? Or did it just find it’s way there over time? I really want to know. If you really want to do a service for your readers, try this. POST SOMETHING INTERESTING AND TIMELY YOU DOUCHE BAG!!
    It is not that hard. You are making your dunce cap brother look like Ernest Hemingway, for Pete’s Sake. Six more days? Are you frigging kidding me? How can a head transplant take that long?
    Send me the Admin rights. I will get this blog cooking, and put that commie Francis back where he belongs.
    Do you have an office? If I trick or treat there you going to give me that crappy corn kernel stuff? Or real candy? Like a Mars Bar? You cheap bastard.
    Your Pal,

  14. Six days away? Six days away? Six days away? Is the man on a slow boat from China? Gideon, twice I’ve said ‘goodbye and thanks’ to you. Twice we get the dreaded message “not yet”. I’m not saying goodbye and thanks again. Capisce?

    I looked for Chris in Zucchotti Park the other day and didn’t see him so at least he’s not Occupying Wall Street. That’s good news. Hopefully he aboard some 40′ catamaran in the tropics, penning the last chapter of a new bestseller.

    Gid: How’s the Jag in the snow?

    Walt: two point conversion. Miss you.

    • Gideon Fountain responds…
      “Earth Ocean Sky Redux”: Don’t tell that clown, but really, it is nice to hear ol’ “Walt” again, isn’t it? (Can’t believe I’m saying that). As for the “Jag”, thus far, I’ve elected to make it my non-snow car.

  15. Anonymous

    @Gid. Sorry to hear that Chris’ return has been delayed again. Please let him know that we wish him well and miss him and his commentary.

    Not trying to slight you as I hope you and Chris would continue on with this point/counterpoint view of real estate and other topics. Your differing views shared on this blog would be highly entertaining. 🙂

  16. Daniel

    Thank you Walt! Your voice is long overdue.

  17. Riverside

    I actually like the candy corn the best (but I must be the only one on the planet). I’ll take it over a candy bar any day.

  18. Gideon: the best line of your tenure as Guest Host. Love it and will have to remember to use it, if I ever buy a Jag:
    “thus far, I’ve elected to make it my non-snow car.”🙂

    • Gideon Fountain responds…
      “Earth Ocean Sky Redux”: Aw, heck, it’s actually silly not to put snow tires on the Jag and use it! The brochure features loads of pictures of the car being driven in snow and there’s a special “snow-button” next to the gear-shift. It’s rear-wheel drive, like any performance car, but so’s my 13 1/2 year-old Mercedes, and with snow tires and two 50 lb. sandbags in the trunk, that car drives ‘like a Willy’s in 4-wheel drive”.