Really Big Shoe

Now that peace has been restored here in Blogy-blogy-blogy-stan-stan (Thanks, Herminator), I would like to make an observation about some comments made regarding Gideon’s photo. It was not Gideon making any bad gesture, au contraire. To quote that sage Dandy Don Meredith, Gideon was in fact saying to me, “Frank, you’re number one!”. Thanks Gid!


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22 responses to “Really Big Shoe

  1. Daniel

    How’s the snow?

  2. Daniel

    I guess you have no power.

  3. Walt

    Francis –
    Please tell me you sell dirt better than you write. You must, right? Or else you would be homeless and destitute. Or maybe you are? In which case it would be up to the State to provide for you, correct? Because the State always knows best. Right?
    You sell lottery tickets. Correctamundo? The most abusive hidden tax on the poor. Sell false hope to the downtrodden. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Why don’t you come up with a plan to get them PRIVATE SECTOR jobs, and take them off the dole. Let’s make some taxpaying citizens. Now there is a novel idea.
    What are you going to dress up as today? I am going as Nancy Pelosi. She is the scariest thing I know. How about you?
    Your Pal,

    • The Connecticut Lottery returns over $300 million to the state general fund, reducing our tax burden in the process. Since I am responsible for lowering taxes, and as the principal of EBT Realty Inc. I am one of those “job creators” they talk about so much, I will go out tonight as the Frankenstein monster I have become, a Tea Party Republican

  4. Anonymous

    FF, This is a serious question. CLP says not to expect power back for over a week to those poor wretched souls here in Greenwich who have no power. The rumor around the fitness rooms was this was our Governor sending all the work crews to union towns and Greenwich be d….d. I am under the impression there are no repair trucks now working in our town. Are these various impressions possibly true? Even if they are not, how can it take that long to bring lines back up?

    • First, there is no such thing as a “union town”. Second, there are 800,000 people without power in the state, so it takes time. Third, we went from 25% out to 10% out in the past few days, so its not like we are somehow hung out to dry. The fact is our Town got penny-wise and pound foolish and laid off the tree crews to “save money”. So when the trees fall, as they have four times in the past few months, rotted limbs cut power lines. A little maintenance could have taken care of that. The other power company in the state, United Illuminating, has no power outages in their area around New Haven. So blame CL&P too.

  5. Walt

    Francis –
    That is total bullshit, and you know it. The lottery was meant to fund education. The money funded by the lottery went to education, but it didn’t increase the education spending. They spent the same amount. The additional taxes went somewhere else. So taxes that would have gone to education went to increased pensions. Or overtime pay. IT WAS PISSED AWAY YOU MORON. That is the problem. You want to tax, tax, tax, instead of holding people accountable.
    Our government is a disgrace. Our leadership is a disgrace. Our national pride is a disgrace. It is not the 1% who is the problem. They are the answer. Tell the 99% to get up off their ass and do something. Our lack of pride will be our demise. And you foster it. You should be ashamed of yourself. I am!!
    You giving out milky ways? You fucktard.
    Your Pal.

    • Walt- My kool-aid drinking friend…..Republican states such as Georgia and Texas needed to pretend to apply the lottery funds to “education” to convince the religious right to look past their religious objections and permit their respective legislatures to pass a (highly successful) lottery. Connecticut, since the founding of the lottery in the 70’s, has only ever had the funds applied to the General Fund. Never has it been earmarked for anything else but the bottom line. When is a successful corporation grossing a billion dollars a year and returning a 32% profit a tax, tax tax? Perhaps only when the Democrats are in charge? Ah, of course, I’ve solved the riddle, get yourself some rest now. If you don’t want a friggin’ government, move to North Korea, I hear thay have great air conditioning in thier houses in the winter, and the food is very consistent. But until then, find yourself a little satisfaction in life. Perhaps bridge, it makes my grandmother very happy, or work on a new stable of filly’s. I gave out Reese’s, kids dig ’em.

  6. greenwich dude

    i am in favor of the lottery as it is a tax on stupid people, with no requirement for the rest of us to participate

  7. Walt

    Francis –
    Post my repy. You vagina.
    Your Pal,

  8. Libertarian Advocate

    Frank: Interesting that you didn’t address Walt’s principal observation that the lottery targets the most financially unsophisticated demographic in society – the poor. If a private sector entity were to operate as the Lottery does, you along with your political kin would be squawking and screeching about how free market capitalism victimizes the poor and most vulnerable among us, blah, blah, blah… and then send the principals to jail for very long stretches. Goose and Gander.

    • Very un Libertarian response of you. Aren’t people supposed to be free to make up their own mind without the nanny state deciding what is right or wrong for them? As far as your curious idea about a “private sector entity”, there are literally thousands of entities doing the same thing throughout the nation, in red and blue states alike. They are called casinos, and they are also the largest donors to Republican candidates. If you want to take a shot at me because I’m a democrat/liberal/whatever, fine. But don’t toss your libertarian principles aside just to make the argument

  9. Inagua

    “If you want to take a shot at me because I’m a democrat/liberal/whatever, fine…”

    I’d like to see you to take a shot at defending ObamaCare, the blocking the new Boeing plant in South Carolina, the three year failure to act on the Canadian oil pipeline, and the green loans like Solandra. You already treated us to your defense of the auto bailouts — preservation of union jobs at excessive compensation rates, and I look forward to an equallly enlightening defense of these policies as well.

    • Simple. Obamacare actually tackles what all say is the greatest problem in our economy, dramatically climbing healthcare costs. It enshrines protections where the unfettered capitalist inclinations of for-profit entities intersect with our “right to life, (liberty and the pursuit of happiness)”. Talk about “death panels”, these days they are the operators at Oxford/United Healthcare et al, denying the ability to even participate in treatment. Obamacare keeps the hospitals from having to bear the brunt of those without insurance, a number that grows. I understand the knee-jerk reaction about “big government” telling me what to do, but that’s just not going to happen in the real world. The Boeing plant is based on actual law, sorry but you can’t just abrogate a union contract like that, whether or not you like it. We are a nation of laws, and this was a law honored and enforced through multiple Republican administrations. As far as Solyndra, can’t people invent a better fake “scandal”? Really? You hate Middle Eastern oil, but somehow creating a market through targeted investment is just “bad” if its associated with those dopey liberals. That’s just un-American. You take a project like Cape Wind and focus on the odd position of the Kennedys as hypocrites while completely forgetting that it would power Cape Cod forever at virtually no long-term cost. I think that Republicans spend too much time hatin’ on anything that might have spawned from the other side rather than acknowledging that some things just work.

  10. Libertarian Advocate

    Not at all un-libertarian of me Frank. Walt’s (and my point) relates to the state reserving unto itself the power to bamboozle the financially ignorant. There is more than substantial hypocrisy in the state doing it with total impunity. It wasn’t long ago when Casinos were barred from advertising their gaming facilities, a constraint not then imposed on lotteries. Thank goodness SCOTUS saw through that.

    In truth, I believe that those who buy into your outfit’s overblown promises of hope should be entirely free to do so. Its their money, not mine. BTW, I don’t gamble at the Casinos, and only rarely buy your pipe-dream tickets except when there is a really really really big jackpot.

  11. pulled up in OG

    Correction, Frank. There were 800,000 electric meters without power, more like 2.3 million people at the height of the outage.

  12. HG

    FF@9AM is correct. The lottery is not a tax, and Walt is wrong. The expected return from the purchase of a lottery ticket is negative, but it is obvious that players receive some psychic benefit from the activity and in fact it is not that much different from purchasing insurance, which also has a negative expected return. Walt is correct that liberals, who hate personal freedom, would never allow a private firm to “prey” on the weak this way.

  13. Inagua

    Frank – Thank you. It is always interesting to hear a rank and file liberal explain specific policies in his own words.

    One request — please don’t tell me what my views are; I disapproved of Bush’s policies as much as I disapprove of Obama’s policies. The only federal government actions I have approved of since the passage of the 1986 tax bill were Gulf War One, GATT, NAFTA, welfare reform, and the appointments of Roberts and Alito. Everything other major government action in the last 25 years has been a mistake. And we have the stagnant economy to prove it. The lefty statist philosophy set forth in your post is the dominant thinking of the electorate and most elected politicans. Congratulations. These policies have produced a stagnant economy which will continue for many years.

  14. Inagua

    Frank – Your views interest me because as a small business owner you should understand the dangers of the welfare state model better than most. That a guy as smart as you who risks all by going it alone in business mouths the pathetic platitudes of lefty, statist, crony capitalism is indeed discouraging.

    Meanwhile, there is great strength of the Beverly Hills and Hamptons markets, and I take this as an indication that Greenwich will probably continue to do well also. May EBT fully participate.

    And thank you for being such a gracious and good natured Guest Host.