The Halloween Haul

Gideon Fountain writes….

We’ve had, oh, about 75-80 kids so far tonight.  Those lucky folks nearby on Greenwich’s Maher Avenue?  They tell me it’s usually 1,200-1,500 kids!  Think about that; I spent about $40 today on full-size KitKat, Hershey’s, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and I’m almost out.  If I lived on Maher and was similarly generous, I’d be out $850-1,000!

Another interesting note is the observation that Port Chester and Stamford parents drive their kids over here for trick’r’treating because, well, the pickings are better and the car traffic is lighter. So, once again, Greenwich takes care of everybody!  Perhaps State Rep. Rosa DeLauro, presently demanding free diapers for Connecticut’s poor will next turn her government-expanding gaze towards candy!  It’s not fair that Greenwich has better candy, dammit, we need a new law, or at least a new tax!

Let's see, a bee, a baby, Gypsy Princess? (75 more after this!)


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28 responses to “The Halloween Haul

  1. XyzZy

    Had a few groups from other places where they still didn’t have power. Pound Ridge. Weston.

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Gid: Just great, you just had to go and give that demwit DeLauro a new idea.
    Actually, maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all, that way we expand the base of kids who, through actual personal experience during their formative years, come to loathe grasping socialist politicians.

  3. George Crossman

    Free diapers or pampers? If it was free cloth diapers and they only got two per child it would be a good idea. That way the diapers would have to be cleaned every single day instilling the desire for upward mobility.

  4. greenmtnpunter

    Reminds me of what Willie Sutton is said to have replied after the 3rd or4th time he was caught in the act of robbing a bank: “Willie, why do you keep robbing banks when you get caught every time?” To which Willie replied: “Because that is where the money is!”

    • Gideon Fountain responds…
      “greenmtnpunter”: I’m not sure I entirely approve of the comparison, mind you, but yes, Willie had a point!(By the way, according to Wikipedia, Willie “the actor” Sutton, denied he ever said that.)

  5. HG

    Pericles said “All good things flow into our town because of our town’s greatness”

    • Gideon Fountain responds…
      “HG”: Absolutely! Here’s the actual quote from ol’ Pericles: (said around 400B.C.ish) “Then the greatness of our city brings it about that all the good things from all over the world flow in to us, so that to us it seems just as natural to enjoy foreign goods as our own local products.” Maybe there’s a bit of “license” taken with that Greek translation, but I’ll bet overall it accurately reflects his sentiments. Another great Pericles quote: “Wait for the wisest of all counselors, Time.”

  6. dogwalker

    Full-sized candy bars? Where do you live? I’m dressing up and coming by next year!

    • Gideon Fountain responds….
      “dogwalker”: Yes, it’s safe to say, I’m a sucker. And I’ve been handing out full-size candy bars for 6 years, so no wonder the word is getting out! Trouble is, way back when, I remember being severely disappointed by some of my neighbor’s offerings when I was a (bratty, ungrateful) trick’r’treater, so of course I feel the need to right the injustice.

  7. I’d be okay with the free diapers if they came with mandatory birth control.

  8. A Reader

    Glad the Town thinks all roads are now open. Have they seen Marks?

    • Gideon Fountain responds…
      “A Reader”: Are you telling me that Riverside’s Marks Road is still blocked by fallen trees?? And that some idiots continue to drive on Paul Palmer’s front yard in order to get around one of those trees?? Yeesh.

  9. Krazy Kat

    Took my youngest to Maher last night as I have with my kids for the past decade. Turnout was about what it has been in years past, busy. Interesting observation by my wife is the number of folks who appeared to be from “out of town”, higher than in the past couple of years. I will leave it to you what my bride uses to determine a family’s “town” status but I would concur with her. That is not meant as a slight to anyone and may be somewhat presumptive but after nearly 20 years in Town, we speak from valid reference points, not stereotyping.

    Gideon, as for costs, most of the Maher families that participate (there are a few houses that are dark each year) hand out the mini versions of all those candies and enforce a 1 (or 2) piece limit. We know a family in the middle of Maher and they say they spend about $500 per year on candy.

    And my 7yo has figured out how to make Dad pliable, go for the Almond Joys since that is a weakness of the old man. He even got a couple of Mounds minis (quite rare) which garnered him bonus points…..

    • Gideon Fountain responds…
      “Krazy Kat”: Hell, there’s no need to be defensive about the ease with which we locals can spot outsiders. Consider it the other way around…if a few hundred Greenwich parents and children, from Maher Avenue, Patterson Avenue, and Perryridge, all got together one night and dropped in on a typical neighborhood in Port Chester, do you think the locals there could spot them pretty easily? In regard to Almond Joy and Mounds, yes, they stand far above all other candy.

  10. tiredofthesmugness

    If you are so troubled by “out of neighborhood” kids breaching your borders, why no mention of the hordes of backcounty youth who get transported down to Maher Ave or OG for trick-or-treating?? Probably because they are more in keeping with your comfort zone demographics (i.e, white and rich). Where’s Farricker????? We need some sane, non-offensive posts, for a change!!!

    • Gideon Fountain responds…
      “tiredofthesmugness”: Oh, groan, sigh, exhale…another liberal pulling the “race card”, what a gosh-darned surprise! As I said in a previous post, it is perfectly normal to be aware of strangers in your neighborhood. It’s not racist, silly-face, it’s just observation. I will, however, say this about these “outsiders”, one of the ways I can tell them apart from the locals is that they are much more polite!

  11. ill-logical

    I just finished filling up my second garbage bag of dropped candy wrappers on Maher Avenue and have only done half the street so far. If each trick or treater drops only one wrapper, that’s 1200 plus we have to pick up the next day.
    More discouraging were the number of coffee cups dumped in the hedges. Assume these come from the adults – perhaps the same ones who let their kids drop their wrappers on the ground.
    And the kids don’t all come from Port Chester and Stamford – The SUV-loads from Back Country make up a goodly percentage. They are the ones who rifle through the basket and complain that we don’t have their brand or we are trying to poison them with peanut-infested chocolate, and ask how many they can have (asking is the new definition of politesse – grabbing is gauche).
    Lots of cute kids and costumed parents, but is it an exhausting night for the residents. It’s not a town sponsored event and Greenwich Public Works does not provide a clean-up crew.

    • Gideon Fountain responds….
      “ill-logical”: Uh oh, are you telling me all those whiteys coming from the back-country are rude? Sounds….racist! Good point, by the way, about the Maher Avenue Halloween Extravaganza not being a “town sponsored event”. You guys do all that out of the goodness of your hearts and the rest of us thank you. You are uncommonly generous!

  12. Old Timer

    Hi, I have a question. Since I am a big fan of historic homes, I was wondering…whatever happened to the 1927 Twachtmann house at 27 Vineyard Lane? Did it get demolished? Sorry I am not in the loop. I saw a picture of an artist’s rendering of a much bigger house at that address, for sale. I am hoping the original house is still there. I tried to call Engel & Voelkers, but the number doesn’t seem to be working.

  13. nathan hale

    The Town Wetlands Annual Report, contained in the IWWA Oct 24th, 2011 meeting minutes, contains this item under “Litigation:”
    5) 27 Vineyard Lane – Enforcement Action – Pending – Foreclosure

  14. Mead Point

    Here’s an interesting bit of news – 50 acres on the Greenwich waterfront under a foreclosure proceeding since last March!

    • Gideon Fountain responds….
      “Mead Point”: Wow, yer damn right that’s interesting! There’s only one “50 acre waterfront” parcel in Greenwich and that’s the one at the beginning of Mead Point. Owned by a chap named “Rudy”, last I knew, he bought it back in the 1970’s for..hmmm….I think around $7,400,000. In foreclosure! Amazing. Now that you mention it, I do recall a notice in the Commercial Record a year or two ago that someone had borrowed around $2,000,000 on the property.

  15. Mead Point

    It’s Rudey and the property is known as Copper Beach Farm. And I believe the amount owed on it is more like $70M!

  16. towny

    Gid. you and your bro should really brush up on your Greenwich real estate knowledge

  17. This one is for ill-logical–I live in backcountry. My best friend lives on Park Ave and always invites my daughter to come celebrate at her Halloween open house. We have NO trick or treaters and no sidewalks, so I always bring bags of candy to her house for the trick or treaters around the Maher area, to contribute. We’re not all bad people. Really.

  18. Peeps

    We only get about 20 kids each Halloween, and I know them all, so I really splurge. This year I had a big selection: Big 6-piece gummy sushi body parts sets, popcorn balls, Russell Stover chocolate covered marshmallow pumpkin and assorted junk grab-bags. The most expensive offerings were the sushi body parts sets and they were the least popular. The things the kids grabbed for the most were the grab-bags, and they were the cheapest. Next year, all I am only going to offer the grab bags. it will be less confusing and I think the kids are mostly drawn to the festive motifs on the bags and the element of mystery as to what could be in it. No one took the popcornballs, but that’s OK because I love them. I drizzle Hiram Walker pumpkin-flavored booze on them and feel quite festive as a result. Should last me until close to Thanksgiving.