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Now THIS Is A Land Sale….

Gideon Fountain writes…(but not much longer!)

I neglected an important land sale last week:  Listed by Michael Dinneen and sold by Marie “BK” Bates, 633 North Street has sold for $11,000,000.  It was actually two contiguous lots in the 2-acre zone, one 5.75 acres, the other 2.35 acres, and the whole thing fronts on beautiful “Putnam Lake”, part of Greenwich’s reservoir system.

It hit the market back in May, 2010 for $12,700,000, so it took about a year and a half to unload, not bad these days. (The seller had paid $8M for the 5.75 acre lot in June, 2007)  Although this parcel has a North Street address, the driveway leading to it is so long, it might as well be a private road.

One other fact of interest to you armchair Realtors….this land is….are you sitting down?  This land is…fairly close to…..THE MERRITT PARKWAY!  Gasp!  Great Caesar’s Ghost! No one would pay that much for land near the Merritt, would they?  Um, yes, turns out they would!

8.1 acres overlooking Putnam Lake: $11,000,000.



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