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Thank you and goodnight

In anticipation of the return of the guy the blog is named after, I figured it was time to hang it up. I have all sorts of elections to work on, $245 million checks to hand out, dirt to sell, and a lot of generally nefarious plots to cook up.

I thank you for your relentless, and overall civil, comments on my various musings. It does one good to consider the viewpoints of others, agreed upon or not. And at the end, while I’m sure I’m not going to be seeing few of you at Zuccotti Park – unless you’re into pachouli, which is unfortunately bipartisan – I hope you heard what I had to say because I can tell you I heard you.

And finally to Gideon for being a reasonable negotiation partner. I think he really got into this. I can’t wait for the launch of his new blog, the name I wonder………….

See ya in the usual places               FF

Remember Republicans, don't forget to vote this Wednesday


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Chris Fountain….Is It Really YOU?

Gideon Fountain writes (for the last time!):

Yep, we’re down to the last few hours before you-know-who is back at his post, say HALLELUJAH!

If you really miss me (you won’t), you can read my vital opinions and local real estate information at GideonFountain.WordPress.com.

Other addresses to my site will be just plain ol’ GideonFountain.com and BoredandRazed.com, so you’re sure to find it.

But enough about me.

Ladies, Gentlemen (and all you “Anony-my”)… H-e-e-r-r-r-e-s-s-s…..CHRISY

A new dawn....Chris Fountain has returned.




(Well, not right now, but a couple of hours)


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