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Land contract in Riverside

44 Winthrop Drive

This 1954 house is obviously headed for the dumpster but it sits on 0.40 of an acre, a decent size for Riverside. Listed for $1.395 million on November 3rd, it’s under contract today for presumably full or close-to asking price.


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Power to the people, right on!

(Rich) cute junkie nitwits

Those heros of the revolution, Crosby, Stills and Nash, have left their Malibu mansions and are performing for the scum bags infesting Wall Street. This is the modern-day equivalent of Marie Antoinette entertaining the mob at the guillotine, but I suspect neither CS&N nor their adoring fans will get the irony.


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Catching up on sales

52 Pecksland

This bank sale on 52 Pecksland Road was the only bargain I see for the period of my absence. Sold for $3.495 (full price!) back in 2005, went to contract via bank sale at $1.750.

Not much in the high end: A property in Conyers Farm sold for $16 million and that was it for sales over $10, and even $16 quite a comedown from its original asking price of $28 million.
460 North Street sold for $9.5 – the owners paid $8.650 for this 1930 house in 2004 and completely renovated it, so I doubt they’re pocketing any large profit.
9 Woodside, a beautiful house in Deer Park, sold for $7.750 after being purchased in 2008 for $10.950. Oh dear.
South of the Village, though, prices continue to astonish me. Look at this 1955 colonial on Park Avenue that sold, quickly (32 DOM) for $3.2 million.
52 Park

The demand for Riverside/Old Greenwich $2.3 – $3.3 homes seems insatiable, and new construction is going for ridiculous prices. Well, ridiculous to me – buyers and their agents obviously disagree.


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Electrifying rumor

Has Greenwich really announced a ban on all generators that are louder than 50 dcbs? That’s what I hear (dimly). Anything’s possible in this crazy town, but since, I am told, there isn’t a generator out there that meets this noise standard, we can expect any noise reduction to be cancelled by the furious screams of homeowners left in cold, dark houses. Assuming we ever lose our power around here, which couldn’t possibly happen, right?

All the politicians I know are out bribing voters but when the hooha ends, I’ll investigate further.


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(A little) real estate news

Those condos on the Portchester border, Riverdale Avenue, seem to be sinking into the Byram River. A used one has now dropped from $799,000 (6/10/10) to $679,000 and remains unsold. The developer is offering a new one, same size, for $729,000, down from $749,000. Just a few years ago these units were selling at full asking price, $899,000.

80 Porchuck has gone the other way, raising its price to $1.795 from $1.595. The seller tried the same strategy last year, bumping it from $1.995 to $2.0 million. That didn’t work; perhaps the increase then was too small to do the trick.

6 Raymond Street

6 Raymond Street in Old Greenwich didn’t sell when it was new at $4.2 million so it’s dropped today to $3.3. I don’t remember the property after four years but, given recent sales, the new price would seem to be in the general ball park.


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Not to be outdone ….

Tesei saves child’s beloved pet.


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