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Come on, this ain’t Hollywood

A house at 1333 King Street reduced its price today to $4.695 from $4.895 – still a considerable price to pay even for such convenient airplane transportation. But check it out: Imposing stone facade in front but walk behind the sound stage and …uh oh – is that clapboard I see?




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Lyon Farm condodos?

421 W. Lyon Farm sold today for $837,000. It sold in 2008 for $1.075 million. I suspect that it would be better to rent one of these units now, rather than buy it, until the dust settles.


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From defective, counterfeit airplane parts to our food supply, the Chinese are gunning for us.

"Die, Yankee Dog!"

Phony honey, from the folks who brought you poisoned fish.

UPDATE: from sister Lorin, here’s the story I remembered about defective military parts.


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Maybe it’s time to accept that lowball bid

Stock market’s down 400 (2 PM) and the new national security alert warning system is a dud. Elk hunting in Montana, anyone?

UPDATE: on the other hand, this guy says it’s a good time to buy (U.S.) stocks. Go figure.


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Sooner or later …

This beautiful old (1920) house at 57 Byram Shore Road has been on and off the market for years, beginning at $5.775 in 2005. Today it can be yours for $2.675.


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At the right price …

289 Taconic Road, seven acres and a decent house, has gone to contract. Its last asking price was just $2.3 million, down from an original price of $3.350, and below its assessed value of $2.579. It sold for $2.250 in 1998.

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Market doldrums

35 Bramble Lane sold for $1.480 back in July, 2008, which seemed at the time to be the depth of our housing crash, but not so: it’s reported as under contract again today, this time with a last listed price of $1.250 (orinigally listed last July at $1.395).


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Obama: what we need in this country is a new Christmas Tree tax!

Hubba Hubba let's go shopping!

Ah, the things that occupy a small mind.

UPDATE: Obama back tracks.


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We’re from the government and we’re here to help

Home buyers suckered into purchasing a house last year have lost an average of $14,000 in value in exchange for a tax credit of $8,000. This little magic trick was foisted on taxpayers by the National Association of Realtors, the homebuilders lobby and, of course, your favorite politician.

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