Market doldrums

35 Bramble Lane sold for $1.480 back in July, 2008, which seemed at the time to be the depth of our housing crash, but not so: it’s reported as under contract again today, this time with a last listed price of $1.250 (orinigally listed last July at $1.395).


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5 responses to “Market doldrums

  1. Inagua

    Doldrums? Didn’t about 40 sales close in October? Didn’t that bring YTD to just under 500? Isn’t that decent volume by any historical measure?

  2. Whassup

    Probably a builder who missed out on Winthrop…

  3. anonymous

    Agree with Inagua. everyone knows that prices have dropped substantially from the peak , so each additional sale at a lower price level is not news. Better to focus on the number of sales, which will is an important first step towards an eventual improvement in pricing.

  4. Ok – Lets not be confused. Doldrums on the px side. At reasonable price levels (i.e., lower than historical px/sqt ft), houses in town will move. Absent that, houses sit. Wall St is going through a hollowing out re-set, and real estate prices below the ultra rich it doesnt matter level must re-set as well. Down to 2008 levels? 2009 levels? Keep going….May well be back to 10yrs ago levels

  5. Anonymous

    Down to 2008 levels? We blew through that long ago dude. Welcome to 2011.