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The New York Times is worried that hunters’ wilderness experience will be diminished

"I got my deer through the New York Times!"

Aw, isn’t it sweet? The urbanites, forced to choose between gun-wielding Neanderthals and evil gas drillers goes with the hunters. Must have been quite a discussion held over their lattes (great comments beneath Ann Althouse’s post).


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For those who hold up Harvard as an example of mental acuity

"Torch 'em, Danno"

The most privileged, cosseted portion of the 1% ers have erected a tent city in Harvard Yard to protest themselves.

UPDATE: Wouldn’t these rich kids be more comfortable hanging out in Michael Moore’s weekend place and protesting his living in a segregated community?

1% Liberal


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(Maybe) a bargain on Boulder Brook

33 Boulder Brook

Four spec houses were built on Boulder Brook Road during the frothy days of 2007 and early 2008 (pre-Lehman). One fared better than others.

Eighteen Boulder Brook sold without ever being exposed to the market in November, 2007 for $5.999 million – lucky seller, foolishly eager buyer, who should have waited.

Number 9 Boulder Brook, to my mind the best of the four, was priced at $6.750 in 2008, a price no doubt inspired by the sale of number 18. It sold two years later for $4.4 million, just as the lender was closing in.

Number 33, priced at $6.875 in February, 2008 sold yesterday for $4.882.

Number 39 Boulder Brook was seized by Patriot Bank, and its new price, down from its first, imbecilic price of $8.595, is now $3.999. This could be a good deal.

Some of these buyers must be regretting their  choice, assuming that a street is valued by comparable sales. The guy who paid $6 million for Number 18, for instance, has probably lost $2 million in just four years – that’s an expensive rental. And I’m a bit perplexed by the willingness of yesterday’s buyer to pay almost a million dollars more than the current price of the remaining spec house on the street. Thirty-three is a far nicer house, but is it worth an extra million? Maybe not.

On the other hand, new construction on Verona Drive in Riverside, priced at $4.250, has gone immediately to contract. Okay house and decent location, but a tiny yard. Go figure.


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