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Brought back from obscurity

Back in the day, brother Anthony sent me this clip that the Sony engineers were passing around. I mentioned to him recently that it was a pity it had circulated before You Tube and he told me that it has indeed resurfaced. Lot’s of fun.

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Ethanol – it’s what for dinner in Washington

Not that I haven’t ranted about this boondoggle for years, but here’s a nice summary of all that’s wrong with the corn-into-fuel program. It’s 26% less efficient than gasoline, far more expensive, pollutes more than gasoline, uses a huge amount of water and is ruining every small engine (lawnmowers, snowmobiles, even leaf blowers, which may be a plus), all by government mandate.


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Just business as usual, apparently

Ever seen a grown man naked?

Penn State predator was recruiting students as late as last spring. Seeing how they measured up?


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I blame Cheney

Administration awards no-bid contract  to political donor. When the government’s chief negotiator hung tough, he was removed at the supplier’s request. And imagine, this had nothing to do with Haliburton. Hope and change.


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