Boo hoo

Oh, oh oh, it's Magic!

The basketball players have cancelled their season (did you know they haven’t been playing?) I put this right up there with the Hindenburg disaster and the cancellation of the hockey season a decade (?) ago.


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7 responses to “Boo hoo

  1. what these players don’t understand is how heavily this weighs on all those who make money during the season – the vendors who sell shirts and food at the games specifically. Who thinks of them? No one. It always comes down to the owners and the players. Shame on all of them.

  2. greenmtnpunter

    These guys have been living in a “bubble” for years. Same for baseball players, football players, hockey players, and Washington pols. They don’t understand that the music has stopped and there aren’t enough seats to go around at the absurd prices they demand. I hope the thing goes KA-BOOM and then maybe the owners can re-write the contracts to coincide with 2011 reality, whatver that is. Maybe Obummer will send some stimulus $$$ their way as part of his union outreach.

  3. Chimney

    Maybe they can start a partnership with Tiger.

  4. skippy

    millionaires vs billionaires

  5. Sound Beacher

    You can still see some NBA basketball right here in Fairfield County this week.

  6. networthdeclining

    1%ers fighting 1%ers for a bigger piece of the pie.

  7. LLS2

    fuck pro college and pro sports.

    i never liked you guys anyway.