Well, maybe

191 North Street (no picture yet) has come up for sale asking $2.799 million for a 1968 house, unrenovated. The listing suggests that there are subdivision possibilities, which may account for the seller’s price, but there could be problems with that – perhaps I’m wrong. Or perhaps the land is spectacular – I haven’t seen it yet.


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5 responses to “Well, maybe

  1. reader

    Judging from Bing maps, it looks like it has a nice stream on the side of the property, coming from a pond behind the house. If the property were subdivided, I guess the fight would be over who gets the “waterfront” portion. The frontage on the pond doesn’t look wide enough to divide in half so that both properties would be able to enjoy it.

  2. anon

    Do people really like ponds? I really didn’t want to look at any properties with ponds. A stream might have been fine.

  3. Cobra

    We have a small stream-fed pond, a bit more than one tenth of an acre, in our back yard. Largemouth bass, bluegills, crappies, channel catfish, golden shiners, fathead minnows, crawfish, and pond snails abound. Feeding the bass, bluegills and crappies with fish pellets on occasion to supplement their “natural” cuisine bulks them up and are entertaining to watch (I know, I need to get a life) as they aggressively attack the pellets en masse like sharks on carrion. Fly fishing using poppers with hooks clipped off is great practice to improve my not so graceful casting ability. Once they get large enough to provide decent size filets, I’ll keep the hooks on.

  4. anon

    Cobra, that does sound nice! I was, while househunting, preoccupied with dangerous bodies of water and mosquitoes.