What tripe

Gather 'round the chitlins pot

In offal news from Britain, supermarkets are returning cow stomaches and other such fare to their “meat” departments so that pensioners can relive the gourmand days of WWII rationing. Butter hurry up – these deals won’t last past Thanksgiving!

UPDATE: from Wikipedia, we learn that there is another use for this stuff.

In 1809 Richard Thomas Dudman and Edward Wood were convicted of a “conspiracy” to commit sodomy, and sentenced to two years’ imprisonment and to stand for one hour in the pillory, where they were pelted with offal supplied by the butchers of Newgate and Fleet Markets.


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6 responses to “What tripe

  1. That’s pretty dangerous to be so clever with your words on a Monday. Most of us are foggy early in the week (or some, all week!) so I felt it was worth a shout-out to say I appreciate your fine pun. Bennett Cerf is smiling down upon ya. Remember his days on What’s My Line? He always had a pun for the audience and fellow panelists.

  2. anonymous2

    As I understand meat rationing ended in the UK in the mid-1950s. As a child in the early 60s I recall big basins of tripe in the butchers’ shops.

    Before you look askance think long and hard about the unmentionable tidbits that go into hot dogs and bologna.

    Steak and kidney pie can be divine, also black pudding a/k/a blood sausage. Yummy!

  3. greenmtnpunter

    Honeycomb tripe is as Yankee Cookin’ as boiled dinner, pot roast and apple pie. My father would travel to a diner 100 miles from home to have it. A New England “delicacy”. My local diner still offers it and has a regular clientele that comes in special for it. Me? It is way down the list of my favorites I must confess.

  4. zeke

    jus over yonder in da melun patch granny dun cookid up sum vittles. chikun nicks -pigs foots-posum stu n crn bred. ummmm umm sho was sweet tastin

  5. Daniel

    Menudo is what the locals here eat after a busy Saturday night of drinking. All the Mexican food places have it on the menu Sunday. I shop at a grocery store catering to the hispanic community and get grass fed beef for less than 50% of what Whole Foods charges. They have all sorts of pieces and parts from a variety of animals.