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CL&P fires bungling Butler


Let there be light!

This is how accountability is supposed to work. Shall we try it in Washington? Of course, remember that it is the Connecticut legislature that has long overseen CL&P, issuing regulations, holding investigatory hearings after every disaster and, in the end, accomplishing nothing. Ditto, Washington.


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President of the United States to foreign audience: Our school kids are losers

“And that’s why Michelle and I send our own precious children to private school”.


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Hmm – some large sales are percolating

84 Butternut Hollow

I mentioned that a Conyers Farm property, asking $11.9 million went to contract today and yesterday, that Skyridge house went off after just 42 DOM, asking $13.9. Now, just before the bell, word comes that 84 Butternut Hollow Road has a buyer. Asked $7.950 a year ago but dropped to $7.495 last May and stuck there. BSF makes a nice, if conventional product and their strategy seems to have paid off.

So now all we have to do is sell the remaining 163 houses in this price range and deal with the shadow inventory as it floods in and we’ll be all set


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Better than fake grass

Waiting for Quinn

North Face has a new product that’s closer to down. Old backpacky types like me will remember, barely, “Dacron 88”, the first filler for sleeping bags and parkas that at least pretended to be the equivalent of down. It wasn’t of course, but a lot of us used it back in the late 60s because, while it didn’t compress like down or provide its warmth, it didn’t collapse when wet and therefore could offer warmth when clumped feathers did not.

There have been some great improvements since then and I’ve gone almost entirely over to them (I still own a Hummingbird down sleeping bag because it’s the warmest, lightest bag available – I just make sure to keep it dry). But this new North Face idea, “ThermoBalls‘, looks like the best alternative so far. I might wait a few years to let them get the kinks out but as I approach my dotage, I’m ever more aware that I don’t have too many years left to wait for improvements in strenuous hiking gear. So speed it up, guys.


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Some activity out there

No much, but a couple of contracts reported today (I skip mentioning small bitsy things like the one bedroom condo at Putnam Hill that sold yesterday for $260,000 – that’s sad, if you once paid more for Putnam Hill, but not particularly newsworthy).

1109 Lake Avenue, on the pond but not within the gates of Conyers Farm, is said to be under contract. Asking price of $11.9 million, the last time it asked that, in 2007, it sold for $10.3. I’ll be curious to see what it fetches this time.

28 Edgewood Drive

28 Edgewood Drive, behind the Mercedes dealer, is also under contract. It was asking $3.695 and, while I can’t vouch for any price over there in the west this was a really, really nice house. One acre, close to the private schools and lots of space (6,000 up, 2,000 finished below) all of excellent quality. It’s a lot of good house.


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Cos Cob shudders

"You should see my snowplow!"

City bans fake grass on “health” grounds.


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A dearth of houses

(10:25) It’s time for the Thursday open house tour but the market must be settling into its end-of-year senescence a few weeks early. The list of houses is less than a page and only two or three houses are new to the game. I’ll go see those and report back.

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This woman can’t find a job and it’s all Wall Street’s fault.

I blame Bush!

Rain having ended, the beautiful people are back.

Obama was supposed to pay my mortgage!

And what about this poor soul – doesn’t he deserve a job? We must give him one, preferably in the green energy field so he can maintain his aura.


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Energy Secretary “takes full responsibility” for Solyndra scandal

But that responsibility doesn’t extend to actually, you know, resigning or anything. “Sundusky didn’t quit after diddling boys”, the secretary pointed out, “so why should I pay a price for screwing the taxpayer? Besides, did you see  I gave Robert Kennedy Jr. $1.4 billion for his own solar boondoggle? You want to get pissed at me, how about that one? Hope and change, Baby, hope and change.”


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